On the pinch weld or not ... any consensus ...

Jan 20, 2013
Ontario, Canada
Every Honda/Acura (can't remember if NSX is included, it's been a while), has 4 dedicated reinforced locations on the pinch weld for lifting purposes. On MOST other vehicles, I use the frame in the front and pinch welds on the rear unless it's a truck/SUV. Newer vehicles have plastic covering the frame, so I use the pinch welds to prevent crushing brake/fuel lines.
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Dec 24, 2011
North Carolina
As a S2000 owner i have to Disagree completly.
There are 4 solid jack points - each on every corner of the sills - that are made for jacking the car up or for Jack stands.
These are made of doulde folded, thicker sheet metall, welded to the sills and up to the task. I have used them often without Problems.
Plus, there are two jacking points at the front axle and the differential.

Sorry, but i seems you did something wrong.

The car is rigid as a closed car thanks to is unique "X-Bone" Chassis. The stiffnes of the body and the chassis is still seen as the benchmark for roadsters. I ride it over country raods here in racing mode with 100 Mph and it feels solid like a tank.

The sheet metall for the fenders, doors etc is thin, as usuall with Hondas. I dont have a single problem with it.
But hey, porsche sells fenders etc. in extra thin for double the price because saving weight = Racing! ;)

The handling of the S2000 IS delicate, it is a car for motorcycle riders. This car is very sensitive about tires and air pessure.
You need a lot of feel in your Butt-meter and cat like reflexes. It is NOT a killer, but it is like driving "On razors edge" often. Honda has made the S2000 more forgiving over the years. There whrere at least 4 different suspension set ups from the factory over the production run of 10 Years. Every one more forgiving than before.

But hey.. it is a Sportscar, isnt it?

Here is video where a guy jacks up the S2000, you could see how sturdy the jack points at the sills are:

I used to use the FWD sill ack point only for same-side rotations on my S2000 and MINI.

The front and rear tires would lift.