OK to use API CH-4 on an old fashioned gasoline engine?

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Oct 28, 2002
Istanbul, Turkey
Hi all, I'm new at this board. The data on this whole site really amazed me. You can't find many places to ask such a 'veird' question.

It has been discussed at various places that an diesel oils are designed to withstand with higher pressures, higher levels of oxidation, and have better detergency.

I have this tiny (2.8lt-173cu.in) old fashioned Canadian V6 GM for all of my driving, no catalytic converter, carburated and has hydraulic valve pushers. Does not use any observable amount of oil (5w 30 -either dino or semisynth). But I never exceeded 5K km.s/3K miles with same oil in the carter. Very nice engine and I want to use it as long as I can. Unfortunately I have to do many miles of stop-go and short trips besides the 70+ mph hiways on a humid coastal area.

Anyway, I found a real cheap dino 10w 30 diesel only (API CH-4) marketed as brand Ford (yep, the blue oval...which makes me think it has more than trace amount of moly:)). But no API S_ standardization is stated on the bottle... Somewhere I've heard that the diesel oils are preferrable for classics and old ones which used rarely. I would like to stock some of this oil while it is avaible and cheap. So, do you think can/should I use this oil? Without sacrificing any benefits of a standard SJ dino? Remember no catalitic conv. and HC levels on exhauts are already low (~255 ppm on cold engine before a tune-up due). No residues, engine is clean I guess, after 3K miles oil is still translucent (if not transparent) with some brown tint.

In my area 5/30s are pricey because very few cars requires it (you know...supply/demand trivia). Besides 10/30 is almost impossible to find to use in the summer. Last summer it hit ~90+F (40C) several times.

I'd appreciate any insights... Hope I didn't bored you with too much detail. In short I just wonder if CH-4 dino could be used on an old fashioned spark ign. engine.
Opps, sorry, I should have missed this one from Dr. T... What made me to worry and ask was that there wasn't any S_ standard mentioned on the bottle.

posted October 07, 2002 12:34 AM
"First I'd like to address Patman's post re: Delvac use in a gasoline engine...my owner's manual says: "oils labelled as diesel engine oils CE/CH or higher may also be used as a substitute for SE/SH" (owner's manual from 1994).

Secondly, I don't own and have never owned a motorcycle but, don't bikes have a "wet clutch" system that requires "motorcylce" oils for this reason?"

Since this car asks for SF, I think it's clearly OK to use very cheap CH-4 10w 30. Now heading to store.
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