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Mar 7, 2004
You are the proud owner of a new 2004 Ford Lightning truck. Bear in mind this truck has a 5.4L modular supercharged engine which is conservatively rated at 380HP. You want the absolute best protection for the engine as it is quite an investment and you know it will be occasionally run in the manner of which it was designed. What is the best (cost is no object) oil for the engine. It is getting it's first drain @ 525mi and then will receive another at 1500mi before going to regular 2500 - 3000 mi intervals. Make your recommendation as if this truck were yours.

M1R, Redline 5w-20 and Amsoil S2k I think are your best choices. The M1R is a thin 30wt and would be ideal in this truck IMO.
Mobil 1 Racing 0w-30

I think this vehicle/engine is a prime example of an instance where the 5w-20 shouldn't be recommended. But, if you did stick with a -20 weight, the Mobil 1 0w-20 would absolutely be my choice. It's also going to be a lot cheaper for you then the M1R. If you'll be doing 3k OCI's, you may really be wasting your money with the M1R (and some would argue ANY synthetic). However, I can relate to where you're coming from, and if you're looking for ultimate protection over cost, a good OTC synthetic like Mobil 1 would be perfect.


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If you're going to change it every 3000 miles, then go with what came in it: Motorcraft 5w20. I honestly don't think there is a better non-PAO PCMO available.
Delvac-1 5W40 or Redline 5W40! Either of these oils should allow for year round use! If you are going to do short oil changes for the first few thousand miles for break in I would use Delo 400 15W40 it is only $6 a gallon and is an excellent oil! No sense in wasteing good synthetic oil on ultra short oil change intervals!
A less readily available but probably top performer would be the Synergyn 3w-30 . I'd also consider this over the S2k for $5.85qt. The oils I'm suggesting are if your going to be beating on it quite frequently.

Originally posted by ted s:
Amsoil and change it every 30-35k.

Not a good idea at all for a supercharged application! Even Amsoil doesn't recommend pushing it that far on a forced induction vehicle. Often times they run very rich, so you get more fuel in the oil, so it's not a good candidate for super extended drains.
i have 4.6 dohc 98 lincoln continental,98 interceptor 4.6 sohc, 98 expedition 5.4...i use the very best 4 qts redline 10w30 and 1 qt. delvac 1 5w40, 5 oz # 132,5oz torco's mpz and bg's moa...my engines are spotless and i use fleetguards stratapore lf16002 oil filter..afe airfilter and redlines d4 synthetic atf with a 12oz. of bg's atc+4 additive...with all this done i get 24.2mpg in city with my 4.6 32valve dohc and 17mpg in city expedition and vic 22mpg in city...i change my oils every 1500-2000 miles..

Originally posted by cglenn:
Make your recommendation as if this truck were yours.

OK that includes operating like one of my vehicles (in my climate) and kept for 5-7 years and 150-180,000 miles.

Delvac 1 every 7,000-8,000 miles with first oil change at 2500 miles. If the engine was built right at the factory it will complete a trouble free life with me (with little or no oil consumption).
and what about the oil filter?

for your application and drain interval, why not just stick with Motorcraft?

....and just enjoy your toy?
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