oil rec 2011 suburban

It’s GMs standards approval licensing. There are decently strict requirements oils must fall under in order to get the approval.
so that $10 a jug formula shell 5w30 i seen at homedepot today may not be a good choice? lol
do all of you guys go by the oil life monitor? i was kinda thinking 5000 miles is plenty. maybe even 3500 the way she drives
thanks man
Yep. In my Silverado, I have Castrol edge currently but I also have 3 5qt jugs of Magnatec and 2 5qt jugs of Rotella Gas Truck to use. After that, I'll be getting the Kendall GT-1 Max in 5w30 for it. :)
And no, on these engines, OLM is basically trash. Every 5k with decent quality oil (Dexos logo/approval).
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got the pic in. looks pretty good. im going to credit that from the last 5000 miles with pennzoil synthetic haha. im aure past maintenance had nothing to do with it
im thinking ill stick to pennzoil synthetic and 5000 mile oil changes for now. im really currious if the new valve cover will stop oil consumption