Oil over fill?

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Nov 16, 2002
This morning before I made my trip (500mile rd. trip) I checked the oil in my car. The mistake I made was that the engine was really cold bc it sat over night. I accidently put too much oil in and I'm wondering if I could have damaged my engine?

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The star is where the oil is up to. L=low F=full obviously.
Anyone think this is bad? I always hear how bad it is to overfill the engine with oil. Engine temp. was normal and didn't get real hot. Thanks

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What car/engine and how much did you overfill it? V8's can typically tolerate an extra quart (I'm not suggesting you do that). Was oil pressure decent and steady most of the time? If so I'd say you're ok. If you aerated the oil most likely the pressure would fluctuate and you'd notice it by the way the engine ran.
Buster, if you didn't see bubbles on the dipstick I wouldn't be too worried. There's likely some margin for error with the markings. A highway drive is reasonably easy on engines anyway, unless you were towing or climbing grades. I'd be more concerned if you found bubbles and had driven 500 miles of stop & go.

I'd say at most, I over filled it by 1/8 qt. No bubbles or anything. thanks guys.
No brainer-keep as is-go back to sleep. My linit would be 3/8 in.-approx and maybe 1/3 quart-I am concervative.
You didn't mention what kind of car you have. Engines with hydraulic valve lash adjusters are prone to tappet noise if the oil aerates. If your engine does have hydraulic valve lash adjusters, and you DIDN'T hear excessive tappet noise once warmed, it sounds like you got a pass this time, but, you'll want to avoid repeating this episode in the future.
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