oil for mower and snow blower

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Jul 23, 2008
New Jersey
i have a commercial snow blower 4 hp briggs and stratton 1966 runs great what oil would everyone use

Also my two lawn mowers 4 yrs old briggs and stratton what oil would everyone use in them

I have been using pennzoil strait 30 with no problems i have a large piece of property i use the snow blower on and the mowers get used every weekend in the summer... What oil is best in your opinions
For the mowers, pick your favorite brand of SAE 30. For the snowblower, 5W30.
The best 4 cycle oils are synthetic motor cycle oils...like the ones used in Harley's. M-1 20w-50 V-Twin or 10W-40 MX4T. Also, Amsoil 10W-30 SAE 30wt is amazing as it is a small engine oil.
I use Motul 300V 15W-50 in my lawn equiptment ...though it is $ 15.00/qt

I use Motul 300V 5W-40 in my $2,500.00 Honda snowblower.

Motul 300 V is a double ester synthetic product. It is 100% Group V like all the great synthetics used to be.

They are too expensive to use for everybody so they have niche' market's now like Offshore Power Boats or V-Twin Harley engines etc. Does not mean you or I can not use them...just a tad expensive...and worth every penney too. Man do my engines run great on Motul 300V. My 2nd pick is Amsoil or M-1 motorcycle oils.

You asked what the best was. Right?
I just did an OCI on my mower (6.5 hp Tecumseh) with Rotella T Synth 5W-40. Motor runs great, but it probably would on almost anything.

Typically I've suggested 30W or 10W-30 for air cooled 4 cycle motors. I really don't think these engines are all that fussy about which oil, as long as you change it regularly and don't let them get low on oil. I mean, I would not run an API SA garbage oil, but your Pennz 30W is fine.
In the lawn mower I would run a quality straight weight 30 or 40 and in the snow blower I would use a synthetic 0w30 or 5w30

Change both yearly and you should be good to go! (Snow blower - Fall, Lawnmower - Spring)

im afraid to switch to 5w30 after all it is a 1966 and 43 yrs old still runs very good always smells (not oil burning) hard to explain but it gets into your clothing and into your hair and just always did that anyone know what that is i was thinking putting on a cat, lol
I guess my coveralls always smell like exhaust after blowing snow with my one-year-old snowblower. I think it's just the nature of the L-head engine.

If 5W30 makes you uneasy, try 10W30. I just wouldn't run 30 in the winter.
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i was running 30 in the winter since new or at least the winter after it was new when my father first changed the oil that was 1966 i was too young to know anything about oil i started taking care of it with my dad when i was about 12 years old and by 15 i did most of the maintenance pretty much by myself i was a pennzoil head then and still am for the most part.. my garage seldom goes down below 30 degrees and it starts ok all th time..If it was newer i would use 5 or 10 w 30
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