Low priced oil / filters for riding lawn tractors with Briggs and Stratton engines.

Thanks for the Info. You mentioned your using a Fram PH3614 oil filter.
One of the other posters (racer12306) mentioned that the Fram PH3600 is slightly taller.
Did you ever try a PH3600, and if so, was it too tall and didn't fit?
The 3614 is all you need. Personally I use the Tough Guard version. Anything beyond that is overkill for OPE in my humble opinion.

I used M1 10w-30 EP in that engine the first year, then I switched to 10w-30 M1 HM for its higher HTHS for the next few years. It's been 15-w40 RT6 for the last two years. No complaints on any of these oils.
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Would anyone have a link to a good SAE 30 oil other than Briggs and Stratten?

I’ve been using 3614 size filters on my B&S engine for at least 15 years. And now I’m using a 15w-40 diesel oil with no complaints. I had the sump open last year to replace a leaking gasket and it was indistinguishable from new.
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Each post / each reply on this thread has helped me. Thanks.
My main takeaway is to use the Fram Extra Guard PH3614 - It's only $3.49 each at Walmart if buying a pack of 2 filters.
The Briggs & Stratton high efficiency 696854 is $12.99 for 1 filter.

Also the Briggs & Stratton brand oil is conventional oil.
Several posts above show you can really use any type of oil or viscosity within reason and get good results.
I'm thinking about buying a full synthetic Euro A3/B4 oil in a 5 quart jug from Walmart.

This is an intriguing choice for these reasons: High HTHS >= 3.5, higher phosphorus levels since its an ACEA A3/B4 oil, and low price.

Quaker State Euro Full Synthetic 5W-40 Motor Oil, 5-Quart for $22.97 at Walmart.
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Measure filter length clearance with the stock filter, otherwise you'll have to trim covers for the longer filter. Any cross for the 3600/3614 sizes will screw on. Problem is that many won't clear the engine cover.
Nothing wrong with local autopart store wix/fram filters.

For oil, briggs makes a synthetic 5w30 and vpracing has a sae30/10w30 available at most walmarts. Consider any 0w40 or 5w40 oil. The 10w30 diesel engine oils are another great choice. Walmart has the Ford superduty oil in 10w30 and 15w40, and Rotella in T4, T5, and T6.

I've use Royalpurple SAE30 and SAE40 oils. There really is no need to use a single grade or straight weight oil. Plenty of good multiweights have already been mentioned. I wouldn't even bother with an unknown entity like the SAE30HD oils.

Mobil also has an excellent synthetic 10w40 motorcycle oil at walmart.
E-Bay is your friend for many things, low cost filters included. got some for girlfriends LXT 42 cub cadet, 4 filters for the same as the overpriced $20 OE ones!! dont mind paying for things that are ACTUALLY better BUT OE's continue to price gouge $$$ IMO
Not sure if it is the same but my B&S 810cc commercial turf engine will accept the FL-400S filter. Does you engine have the oil cooler on the side of the motor?
i believe this is the filter i on my john deere with a briggs , works awsome and highly recomend
FWIW you could use a Super Tech filter and Super Tech 15w40. Probably not going to get much cheaper than that. I also believe you won’t be giving up much on protection and quality over other name brand products.

Just my $0.02
Use the oil that you always have in stock in your garage. I have two vehicles and two types of oil. Gasoline 3.6 pentastar gets Kirkland 5w30 and 5.9 Cummins gets 15w40, all my OPE gets 15w40 because it has extra additives and I have gallons of it.b