Oil for lifter tick/noise

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Aug 13, 2015
Good night, Can i get a good recommendation for an oil, that you all had good result with reducing the tapping noise. Nissan n16 sunny. Oil currently is Valvoline. No oil consumption. Should i go thicker? to reduce the lifter noise?
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Normally thicker oil does help quiet the noise. But, only if your owner's manual allows this. My Montero runs better on a 40 weight oil. The OM is from 5w30 to 20W50, so I have a lot of options, depending on weather conditions. Respectfully, Pajero!
I had one engine that drove me nuts with it's intermittent ticking. I tried several different oils, thick to thin. Flushes also. What finally worked (or unless it was "just it's time") was neodymium magnets on the oil filter.
Could the valves need adjustment? If they’re solids and a bit loose that will cure it. Otherwise here’s my advice , are you ready, Turn up the radio! Oh slam I always get [censored] for that one when some guy complains about his 5.3 GM pistons slapping away . Sometimes when there’s nothing to realistically be done that’s the best method,........just sayin. Put a stethoscope on there and make sure that’s whT it really is If in doubt and make sure.
Whenever I got a used high mileage ticking Suzuki, Nissan, or Toyota, I always run 0w40 in it until the start up noise gets louder. Then rinse and repeat. The Suzuki and Nissan would destroy the oil in 5k and need changing. The Toyota would give no hint that anything was changing u til I got bored around 10-12k miles. It did eventually eliminate the issue.
From the recommendations mentioned I like the 0W-40 one and the OEM filter. Anybody would be hard pressed to locate a "low resistance" oil filter. A cleaner system may allow for faster lifter pump up so MAYBE a chemical flush might help IF the engine is dirty. I bought cases of "Formula Shell" in 10W-30 on clearance. It went into many different engines and everybody including me noticed it was a quieting oil. I think zinc is the component in the adpack that makes 'em quiet.
I had an '07 Silverado that I always used AMSOIL in. Around 70k it started having a ticking even when warm. After about 5k miles of ticking I put 5 or 6 ounces of MMO down my oil fill and a little oil to flush it down and the tick went away. Until I sold the truck 40k miles later I would put 5 or 6 ounces of MMO in with every oil change. The tick never came back. It's cheap. Try it.
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I think zinc is the component in the adpack that makes 'em quiet.
Pro-ma MBL8 was the stuff to stop lifter noise. Full of copper and lead - that sure quietens them down. Unfortunatly I have used it often...and unfortunatly it does work. [img]https://www.pro-masystems.co.nz/Assets/I...;maxheight=1000[/img] Check it out...got the one arm bandit to prove how good it is. Can't dispute that can we, proof right before our eyes. https://www.pro-masystems.co.nz/ProductMoreInfo.aspx?PID=50083&MenuID=128
pennzoil yellow bottle , wix filter and a bottle of rislone ZDDP...after 200 or 300 miles they will quiet down. it worked in my chevy when nothing else would.
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Something with a lot of moly maybe? Quaker State. I've got Quaker State Ultimate Durability in both of my cars,and it's crazy how smooth that oil is.
I believe the Nissan 16N engine does not have a hydraulic type valve adjuster??? So it's a typical DOHC mechanical valve train with bucket and or shim adjusters???? If so, oil or addtives won't be the cure......you,ll need to pull the cam cover and check valve adjustment...
another vote for Rislone, its been around a while + it worked for me in the past
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