Nokian G4 In Review

@UG_Passat The wheel is load indexed to 1688 lbs and the tires load rating of 98. The door panel/stickers shows 98 or better so the wheels and tires are load rated & indexed correctly for our van. According to sites like, it shows that the van can or could have load rated tires from the factory set between 95-98. Ours happens to be the cargo so it automatically gets the 98. Installing the 19'' with 245/40 nothing changed even the road contact patch is the same size. However, I would not suggest to anyone who owns a TC to use load rated tire of 95 or less as these will have over flexing tire issues. But I see other TC's in Uk doing this.. low profile weak tires on these van.

Just in case one is wondering:

passenger car WR G4 doesn't have the Aramid reinforced sidewalls.

The SUV WR G4 SUV has them, but not available in 245/40r19, just the non-Aramid reinforced passenger car tire version.
First of all, if you're out to find flaws in my comments, then one should avoid my comments. Some feel and have said in the past, that where am I getting this misinformation or I'm spreading misinformation. Oddly, I've gotten this info from the source Discount Tire along with other parts retailers. it's obvious that if any of you was to contact the same retailers i did, you would not get the same info I have. it's all in an attempt to make me and my comments look bad. I'm sure you would rather I not say anything. In other words, I'm not making this stuff up.. it's what I've bene told. Furthermore, I don't care what's in the tires or what's not in the tires.. They grip everything and wont slide into and through curves like those 5 other brands we've tested. Don't believe my reviews, then you go out and test tires on your vehicle, or is anyone not keen to how the car handles with different tires on the vehicle. My testing has proven that these Nokian G4's are the best tires suited for any vehicle that has a very sharp turning radius because of the stiffer sidewalls. Our only other option was to run a set of runflats and I'm glad it never came to this. You're having a hard time believing anything I say, so the only way to prove what I've done or accomplished is with proof of pictures. The Nokians fit on the van, they perform and have out perform at least 5 other brands of tires. For those of you whom have unjustly commented about my topics, consider yourself ignored.
You’re telling this to a person that has had the WR G4 SUV on their SUV

The guy at the counter isn’t the best source of info.

If you have aramid reinforced sidewalls, you have this on the sidewall


For passenger car tires, the Tyres One is Nokian’s first passenger car application of the aramid reinforced sidewalls in the US/Canada market. Not the passenger WR G4.

Back in 2018:

Nokian Tyres, the inventor of the all-weather tire segment, equipped its newest SUV tire with improved wet and snow handling, lower rolling resistance and technology that creates a quieter ride. The Nokian WR G4 SUV’s sidewalls are reinforced with Aramid Sidewall technology that helps the tire withstand cuts caused by surprising situations. Aramid fiber, a material used in the defense and aerospace industries, makes the sidewall compound puncture-resistant and has become an integral feature throughout Nokian Tyres’ SUV & LT products.

Now in 2021

The Nokian Tyres One offers ultimate peace of mind with protection from potholes and other road hazards; it is the company’s first passenger tire to feature Aramid Sidewall technology, and Nokian Tyres is offering a Pothole Protection warranty for drivers who purchase the tire.

If your feelings got hurt because people are telling actual facts, then you need to grow up
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