Nissan Rogue Nav radio replacment

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Oct 27, 2006
The radio in our Rogue has had the paint wear off the buttons and Nissan typically denied it as "excess wear and tear" but I find it totally unacceptable that the paint is gone after 18 months. The worst is the Camera button for the 360 camera which is my Wife's favorite feature on the car and the main reason we bought it. Very disappointing Nissan wont stand behind it.

Now for my question: I can buy a radio on eBay for $200-300 and Im willing to pay that to correct this, but the dealer says it costs "hundreds" to unlock a radio. Does anyone have experience with this? Are the Nissan radios plug and play? I just cant find anything out there relating to this online. Any advice would be greatly appreciated before I spend the money on an un-usable radio.

A few years ago I bought a face plate (with the buttons) for a factory radio from these guys:

You have to know a few things about the radio but if you know the model number there is a place to enter it on the site. My model wasn't actually listed at the time but I emailed them and they added it, and showed the part I needed.
Yeah worth a try. There were a bunch of numbers on the back of my radio and if I recall correctly the proper "model number" was a portion of one of them.

The faceplate was easy to take off the radio, at least on mine. I just had to release a few plastic tabs and it came right off.
I seriously doubt their claim that it costs hundreds to unlock a radio; or that it is necessary - perhaps you could swap over the faceplate and buttons from a used radio. check ebay, salvage yards, etc.
Most new vehicle radios, especially NAV radios, require programming and that's where they get the "hundreds of dollars" quote.
I doubt a Nissan needs to have its radio "coded" to the car, like BMWs, VWs and Mercedes do. However, there might be an issue with the anti-theft lock. GM has their Theftlock system, Honda uses a factory-defined code for their radios.

I'm assuming Nissan radios should be plug and play - but if your wife's car doesn't have the needed vehicle bus(CAN/IE-Bus/MOST), amp pre-outs(if equipped with premium sound like Bose/JBL/Harman Kardon) or parking brake signal wiring in the radio wiring, you will need to find out how to make it work. There have been people on the Toyota forums getting the newer Entune/Scion BeSpoke radios working in older cars.

I looked at a Nissan nav unit for a Murano and looks like the navigation computer is in the same unit. I think you should be fine if the factory wiring plugs in and the pins correspond.
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