New Shotgun Day - Mossberg 590A1 Retrograde!


Just got this today. I went with the regular 590 retrograde. Didn’t think a metal trigger and thicker barrel were worth the few hundred bucks more. YMMV. I’m an 870 armorer and am use to that gun. I have been impressed with the Mossberg so far. Double extractors was a nice surprise. All I’ve done is clean it but, while it is a robust shotgun, I’ll give ease of field stripping to the 870. Taking it to shoot tomorrow.
I’m curious what makes you say that the Benelli M2 or Beretta 1301 models are “far better tactical shotguns”, beyond the obvious point that they’re semi-automatic.

Are they more accurate? More reliable? More durable?

To use a cliche that someone else here used recently, books have been written on the subject of pump vs semi-automatic shotguns for defensive use.

Im certainly no expert on shotguns - just trying to learn.
I own an older 870 remington from before they cheapened the parts. But for any serious use an autoloader is more reliable.. its not just the action. I shoot trap and clays and an autoloader works for new shooters or old. New folks with pumps at times short stroke them and those shots fail. In serious use that is not good.

Over under shotguns and auto loaders are way reliable. But two shot capacity for defense is not smart.
My beretta A 400 with blink and recoil reduction internal in two ways allows you to shoot 200 high brass loads without fatigue. A novice shooter can insert a couple rounds and press the load button much easier than a pump setup. I teach clays and handgun skills and the auto shotgun is a much better system.