New S&W Performance Center 1911

Dec 28, 2011
Model 170344 Bobtail After 8 weeks wait my FFL called and it was in. I was nervous as I went back and forth with the Kimber Ultra and the S&W Performance Center 1911. Kimber is in the same county I work in and offer LE great prices. I was able to shoot the Kimber Ultra and it was verrry nice. Fit and finish were solid and it just felt great. I ultimately went with the S&W. Feels very light in your hand; fit and finish immaculate; feel in your hand is amazing. Shot it this morning and very sweet, soft shooting gun. I was a little concerned about the cuts int he slide but in person they seem just fine and are cut so it does not appear they will snap on anything. Love the bobbed grip as well. Very pleased with it. Highly recommended.
Jun 24, 2004
Top of Virginia
I have one at the house, in 9mm form. It's one of my dad's guns that I'm keeping while they're having their house built in Florida. S&W makes an excellent pistol, and their PC 1911s are certainly no exception.