New E85 factory broke ground in Lima last week

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Nov 29, 2002
Not too far from my campus, my A/C instructor told the class there will be a new factory manufacturing E85 and gas stations as of next summer will sell E85. I am unsure who the name of the factory is or who owns it, started this all, etc...

My teacher advised us for those who can run the E85 in our cars too have a fuel filter handy because the ethanol will clean all the crud build up over the years of using unleaded 10% ethanol based fuel. I will be anxious to see the construction in progress. I hope the E85 will be considerably less than the current unleaded 87 us consumers are using today. Gas up here has rocketed to about $3.30 a gallon. Just thought I would share,,,,,AR
Don't expect gas prices to go down when we're waisting crude producing ethanol.

Please elaborate! Some of us were not aware of this drawback. Does the production of ethyl alcohol require lots of energy? I think I missed that day in chemistry class!
Some insight into Patzek's bias against ethanol can be found on his own website: . Patzek spent nearly a decade working for Shell Oil Company as a researcher, consultant, and expert witness. He is the founder and current director of the UC Oil Consortium, an organization funded mainly by the oil industry to the tune of $60,000-120,000 per year, per company.

Scientific studies have overwhelmingly found ethanol's energy balance to be positive, many of which can be viewed online at . The U.S. Department of Agriculture's most recent numbers indicate that the corn-to-ethanol process provides a net energy gain of at least 67 percent.
The only fuel that we use oil when making is Hydrogen, because for now that is the easy way to get Hydrogen. But even then you will end up with a bunch of coke that the H2 plant could sell to a steel mill.
I can't wait for an E85 plant to pop up near me and start selling E85 to gas stations.
I will me moving to Virgnia soon I hope we get some of that E85 out that way.
Gas in Japan has been at about $4 a gallon the hole 3 yr. I have been here.
You might lose some gas milage switching to E85 if you have an older car at least that is what I have herd on the news. Any one else hear about that?
I lost about 2-4 mpg while running E-85 fuel.
I just make up for it by driving 65mph instead of 70-72. Than I don't have to worry about getting tickets either. Watch your prices in most cases if E85 is not at least 40 cents cheaper than regular unleaded it may not be worth it when you compare gas mileage. Right now I pay any were from 60 cents to a $1.00 less. But the truck runs a lot better with the 105 octane ethanol fuel.
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