New Denso vs used Honda OEM

Since it's been asserted that that Honda OEM AF "are actually cheaper from the dealership" for grins and giggles thought I'd call the two closest dealers and get their price. The first which is just over 20 mi. away wanted $25.97, at least that's under Honda retail of $28.67. The second (ime, always higher prices) and much closer dealer wanted $30.50. LOL As I noted early on best shipped price I found online, ~$21. Looking now, ~$23, less expensive than either dealer and delivered to my door. As for who makes it, not really important to me, TR or otherwise. However since mentioned, Denso makes many OEM parts for Honda and Toyota too.

As for using aftermarket AFs, I've had good success with them in Hondas and Toyotas. In addition to using this Denso I've use others like the Bosch Workshop AF. It worked fine, fit well. I think installer error could well be a contributing factor to some AF not fitting well in the air box. With Honda the AF are rigid frame type, and basically they either fit correctly in the air box or they don't. The foam or soft frame type likely more susceptible to some installer error and/or not fitting/sealing properly.
I use a gauge and replace filter when restriction increases by ~4" over new.

I use a gauge and replace filter when restriction increases by ~4" over new.

As noted in OP, I don't have/use a gauge. However imo, if one is interested in maximizing AF usage/interval and efficiency, it's the way to go.
Around how much is the OEM filter if don’t mind me asking?
It's been a while since I bought the last one, so memory is hazy. But I remember thinking that the price was reasonable, something like $20 - $25 cdn. Best to call your local dealer and check. I go 50k kms (30k miles) on them, so a few bucks more than aftermarket doesn't bother me.