New Dacia Duster

One of my neighbors just got a new Sandero, clearly the quality has improved a lot over the years, the early ones were a bit cheap feeling in general but their current models are ok.
There are tons of non US market cars i wish we could have. You can buy these and many other desirable models from other brands in Mexico and bring it up here but you wouldn't be able to register them as they aren't approved for US roads but just need small changes from the manufacturer. I'd love to drive a Toyota Hilux or a mitsubishi l200 and get an automatic toyota avanza with the older bulletproof drivetrain with an automatic for just 15k usd.
Unless you're in Texas. Supposedly Texas doesn't emissions test diesel vehicles, and there are a couple of Hilux running around with Texas plates. I saw a picture recently of a Nissan Xtrail with Connecticut plates. I'm guessing that the dmv went "oh they mean xterra.".
There's something wrong with the pictures. Did you accidentally mirror the image somehow? The steering wheel is on the wrong side ;) :)

Thanks for the pics, It's interesting to see what's available in other countries. Nice car!!
First tow with the Duster, only 10 miles or so back to the storage yard, but a tow none the less! Caravan weighs between 1100kg and 1300kg.

It was a bit windy out but the car was as stable as I could ask it to be. Pulling off was effortless thanks to it's very low first gear. On the motorway I set cruise to 60mph in 5th gear (~2700rpm) and it pulled up inclines on the motorway without breaking a sweat.