New Silverado Acquisition


Oct 14, 2014
So after almost two years of ownership of my F150 Lariat and putting up with the horrendous 10 speed transmission (google the issues if you want) Im out of the F150. However one major issue that has happened twice, and to others as well is a violent "bang" and shudder then accompanied by the traction control light coming on at 65plus mph on the highway when the transmission shifts from 10th gear to 6th gear when passing. It's downright scary. I got a fair deal on a 2023 CPO Silverado (6,500 miles) with 4WD and the LT trim package and the technology suite. It was formerly the dealer service loaner. I traded in the F150.

My mistake with the F150 was not buying the Ford Factory warranty when it was eligible-and I put far less dollars down (cash wise) than the cost of a new transmission.
Since it's a CPO the Silverado has a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. Dealer threw in black side steps as part of the deal-to be installed in the next couple of days.

Before those of you say the ten speed was designed by GM and Ford-that's true but different programming and internals make them different animals. Each time the F150 shifted it felt like it was going to break. Silverado is silky smooth.
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That's a really nice looking truck! What caught my eye was the front and rear mud flaps on the rear and the tires. Now make in a smaller size. I really miss small pick-up trucks. My 1985 Nissan standard cab was a tank. Fun to drive and once hauled (not kidding) 3,000 lbs. to the dump. (Not knowing how much weight there was.) Enjoy your your new truck!
So far I really like my GM 10-speed. It is smooth and the 5.3 is really good on fuel, as long as you drive with a little common sense. Every manufacturer has its gremlins; here's hoping the DFM lifter issues stay far way from both our trucks. Very nice looking Chevy!
I just rented the 4 cylinder version of that truck. Absolutely loved the truck, and wished for a different powerplant. When the 4cyl was silent (it was often silent) and not groaning at 1500RPM or clattering at high RPM, the truck was an absolute gem. And I liked the way it worked and drove, better than any of my F150's. With the V8, the Chevy pickup is a winner!
I see what you did there with the CPO benefit. Nice work & should you have some troubles perhaps that 100k warranty will come into play. I like that black paint.
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Did You buy the F-150 Lariat new?

I've always preferred Chevys to Fords...... cars, SUVs or trucks.
I bought the F-150 with 26,000 miles on it. It had just turned over the 40,000 mark when I traded it in. It was very clean.....but the transmission......
Does the dealer know about the issues on the F-150? Not trying to be a pest. I’m just wondering what’s the end game on traded- in lemons.
No problem.
I figure it's the dealers job to ascertain the condition of trade ins-it's their job and they buy hundreds if not thousands of used cars a year.
They probably have a better opportunity with trade ins-than auctions. With trade ins they can do an extended test drive.

I did put 14,000 miles on it-it is serviceable.
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