Never before have I been so uninspired/disinterested...

love how they think it's so flat. yes, it's not Colorado, but you want flat go see Florida...
or Illinois or Nebraska or Kansas...

Heck, according to this Iowa isn't even in the top 10 - actually #18!


be careful about any review, score may be boosted by bribe money.
we already see some shady :poop: in tyre reviews, continental for example uses quality upper layer; if that wears down, performance is lower with cheaper rubber.
I love performance cars, but especially when something like an SUV has a sporting nature, you don't really want it to feel that sporty when just going to the store or work. Some vehicles are so rough edged for the sake of performance that if they aren't driven at 7/10s or higher, it's just not something I want and it's odd for a car that isn't overtly a performance car. I'm a big fan of VWs dynamic chassis control that the Golf R and some trims of the GTI have and I have found this makes a big difference in ride quality. GM's magnetic ride is great for this too. I just don't think it pays for cars that don't have on the fly suspension adjustment to have too harsh of suspension and if these adjustable options are available, I will gladly pay for those and as the OP mentioned too rough a suspension in the lower models is definitely a turn off.

I'm sure it's a fine line for manufacturers. They want to sell the most vehicles to the most people, but there's a line where a car isn't sporting enough for an enthusiast, but gear it too far into the enthusiast category and it'll be too rough for many other buyers. I'm that guy that always wants one of the fast ones that handles very well, but I also want to dial back the aggressiveness of the ride when I'm not absolutely beating the brakes off of it.
or Illinois or Nebraska or Kansas...

Heck, according to this Iowa isn't even in the top 10 - actually #18!

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What about R.I. and N.J. ?
Just saw that Crown is >2 tons dry and a 4 cyl awd. Whaaa the hey?!

The Camry looks mucho más bonita.

Local dealer has a 4wd LE near me for under 28K out the door. Not bad.
and it weighs a semi-reasonable 3475lbs
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the more plumbing there is the easier it is to clog the pipes.
wrong thread?

and .... I have a loooong pipe from my kitchen sink and I must agree. Was just snaking it 2 months ago. Looked like Crisco hardened arteries in there. Weird . We have been running a drain maintainer/enzyme chemical every month. It didn't work.