Need info - 1998 Honda Civic

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Mar 27, 2003
Cleveland, GA
Looking at getting one. It's a 1998 Honda Civic sedan, 5 speed. It's got around 130k miles. Never owned a Honda before, several Toyota's. Just wondering what are some things to look out for, problem areas, etc. Also wondering how these are in gas mileage? My commute is 60 miles, highway at 80mph. ANY information, tips, etc would be appreciated. THANKS
The 5-sp is much more reliable than the auto. I like Honda better then Toyota. You should see 30mpg. I dunno which engine that car has, we have a 1998 CRV. The CRV engine is nice. Put some nice tires on it and good oil/Auto-Rx and you are set.
I would change out the PVC valve if it hasn't already be done. Remove the valve cover and see if there is a need for AutoRx.
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