Need help choosing remote filter substitute

Jun 12, 2021
Chevy Gen V L86: did a special build and since I'll be using it for commercial application, I'm relocating the filter so it's easier to access.

The stock filter is a AC Delco PF64, 30 micron, 22 psi bypass, 7.9 flow rate.

For the remote mount (3/4-16, sealing surface is really large), I found a Donaldson 557780. Bypass range 18-23, 40 micron, didn't find a flow rate but it's a considerably larger filter. I was hoping for a larger filter to extend my service interval a little. This filter is also pretty affordable compared to the wix. I've used donaldson in diesel applications and they seem fine.

I know the specs are off a little is it enough to matter?

I also found wix 57430 and wl7426, Mann w94025 and Purolator L30257 but from what I've read, Purolator may not be the best choice, and who makes Purolator? Mann.

I guess I could find a metric remote mount for the stock filter, but was hoping for a larger and hopefully easier to find filter in case of emergency.

Thanks in advance
Run the Fram XG8A on the remote 3/4-16

If you REALLY need a "huge" filter,
then get the $10 threaded (1") adapter and run a Fram XG for the Cummins 5.9/6.7....
the gasket size is the same as the remote mount.
The Wix 51515 (or any of several equivalents) is a good filter for a remote mount. You have so very many to choose from with that thread.
The Fleetguard cross to that Donaldson part you listed is LF3314...I can try to dig up flow rates if that helps you.