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May 30, 2002
I use Napa oil in my Jeep. Can i assume it is a true "Valvoline all climate" just because it says Ashland oil on the back? This is why i went with it. But Ashland makes many different oil don't they? It is performing very well, compared to what i have been using (Havoline and Castrol) My engine runs very smooth and gets better mileage.
Valvoline (Ashland Oil) make several private part store brands. Two that come to mind are NAPA and CARQUEST. Our tech department tells me it is the same as Valvoline. Why is the Valvoline more $$. Marketing expenses and the power of the Valvoline name. Anytime a major oil company runs major promotions through the Installed Market or Retail Market, they spend a lot of money. Sponsoring major racing events and cars also cost a tremendous amount of money. Someone has to pay for it. THE CONSUMER.
Johnny (or anyone else who knows)--

Is SuperTech the only private brand oil made by any of the Pz/QS family.

Does anyone know who makes K-Mart (probably Motorvator now that the Pennske relationship has broken down) oil, or Target (Car and Driver) oil?

Know that Target filters are Champ. Labs and that K-Mart filters are Wix. Have been told by husband of fellow employee who is K-Mart manager that K-Mart oil was Quaker State (same as Wal-Mart/Specialty connection). That conversation was several years ago.
The Wal-Mart oil is the only one made at this time by the old Speciality Division of Quaker State. K-Mart could have been long ago, but I'm not sure. I know it is not now since the merger of Pennzoil/Quaker State. I do not know who makes K-Mart and Target oil.
I always assumed that Valvoline made a number of private brand oils and that they were identical to Valvoline. Of course I also assumed that SuperTech was identical to Quaker State which was wrong. Is there anyone out there with the understanding of the inner workings of Ashland like Johnny knows PZ/QS?
Why would one not use Napa oil if it were the same as Valvoline all climate. I can get it for $1.19/qrt. Valvoline is $1.69 usually.
VSP and Napa are closer than they are apart within the same grades. That said, they are not essentially the same oil. There are (or were when I last checked) some variances in the specs per their PDSs.

That said, I run Napa (currently with a mix with left over VSP though) and I can't tell the difference from the PU that I have been using exclusively for a few years on my 2006 Honda Ody EX-L. So FWIW, I would not hesitate to use Napa Synthetic oil in my cars as of this date.

P.S. Because of VCM, I used to follow OLM + bit more with Pennzoil Ultra 5W-20 which ws about 7K to 8K miles roughly. But with Napa+VSP being a slightly less TBN that PU, I will stick to OLM or 6K which ever is later! The van does many short trips a day!

Here's an old thread that you may find helpful.
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Here's an old thread that you may find helpful.

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