My Take on the New 2022 WRX

Most vehicles will pull 0.80 on the skidpad. Ive pulled at most about that on the street in my z06. I guess this means on the street my rav4=my z06?
Guess it depends how far past reasonable you drive. Is driving a Z06 10 mph over the speedlimit even fun 😂
Looks like they've gotten it back up off the ground a bit. It had drifted (heh) from its offroad capable roots for a while. (y)
The old WRX formula was to take a normal car and put a turbo on it. Now it’s like they design the car around the turbo. Different feeling. Not my taste anymore.

Neither ugly nor pretty. I just think it’s bland. WRX name has been so washed out over the last 5 years ever since the introduction of CVT and it being it’s own body style.