My Only Father’s Day Gift Idea

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Apr 10, 2004
My Only Father’s Day Gift Idea
A poem by SWS...

Save time, energy, and Stress,
Do something nice for SWS!
A quart of M1 costs only Four Seventy Seven,
But to me its worth Eleven Eleventy Eleven!
Buy as few -or- as many as you Like,
But to Wal-Mart you must Hike!
I know this sounds Hard,
But I’d rather have this oil than a Card!
Save up your allowance Money,
So my engines will run as smooth as Honey!
For this gift I will say “Thank You”,
But for any other I will Spank You!
For a gift of motor oil I will Laugh Loud,
And BOBISTHEOILGUY will be Proud!

(My kids are 17 and 15 this year. In Tennessee one can get their driving permit at age 15. I am trying to teach them as much about cars as I have opportunity, and BITOG has already been helpful in the 2 months that I have been a member! Note that I have no intention of spanking them - just needed a cheap rhyme. I hope that this is the correct forum to post this sillyness...)
Very good. Especially like the reply. Tells me what I am in for. My kids won't be driving for a few years, but already they are tired of hearing me talk about motor oil.
TallPaul....Congrats to the Pistons!!!!
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