My oil life monitor finally goes off tonight !

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May 25, 2003
Quebec Canada
1200 km or 744 miles after the last oil change
744 more miles at running a 5w30 down to a 5w20 with high lead
So yes the oil life monitor isn't too bad ,just too optimistic.

See Century 2002 with Petro canada at 11000 km or 6820

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Mine went off again Tues night. 3,500mi vs 3,200mi on the last interval. Makes sense. The conditions for both oil change periods were about the same, only reversed in order. Oil was changed in late Oct. when the weather was still relatively warm and stayed in untill mid Jan. Second oil change that was just changed Wed was put in in Jan. So warm to brutal cold for the first oil. Brutal cold to warm for the second with both the warm and cold periods lasting about the same amount of time.

So far I see no reason to not follow the light especially considering I run at least a semi-syn which should provide a margin of error for extra protection over the dino oil the OLM is calibrated for.

This summer I'll be running Havoline syn-blend 10w30 - bought up enough for two changes when Advance had it on sale last week.

I expect the OLM to go at least 5000mi if not 6500mi for the summer intervals.
After an auto RX run and an intake manifold gasket change, and 4500 mi on motorcraft 5w-30 my 3.1 Lumina's oil life monitor still hasn't lit up. I will change it this weekend and send a sample to Blackstone to verify I've cured the famous coolant in the oil problem I was having.

To bad GM's oil life monitor system doesn't detect coolant in the oil!!!
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