Ready for oil change,what should I use ??

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May 25, 2003
Quebec Canada
My Buick Century 2002 will be ready soon for the oil change. I have 55000 km ( 34000 miles) I am using dino exclusively. I have Petro canada Supreme 5w30 in the crankcase.I will have around 9000 km or 5500 miles of highway ( 90%) on the oil that is going to be analyse be Wearcheck.I'm going by the oil life monitor. I facing a dillema, should I now use Can Tire semi synth 10 w 30 ( Shell is supplying with very similar sheet) or should I use regular Pennzoil 10 w 30 in summer ??
Yeah a regular 10W-30 dino will work in the summer, and dino 5w-30 in the winter but... Since you have low miles you may want to decide to switch it to synthetics. Mobil 1 SS, Amsoil, Redline, are all great for extended drains. [ March 08, 2004, 05:43 AM: Message edited by: therion ]
Just for curiosity sake, I'd love to see you try the Canadian Tire synthetic and do a UOA on it. Or even the Walmart Tech 2000 synthetic for that matter.
I see you are living in canada. I definately recommend you run a synthetic in the winter time as it doesn't gel up as much (if any) when cold. Even Mobil 1 10W-30 will most likely have a better cold starting properties than a 5W-30 dino.
Ok, I'll go with the Canadian tire synthetic blend to see if I can get the best of both world. Pour point-41 flash-235 VI-141 40c-68.2 100c-10.3 CP at -25c 4995 TBN 6.88 API SL, Ilsac GF-3, JASO T 903 MA Reason why I go with the blend ? Availability here in Canada, Price is right ...since I can get it for nothing with the C.T.Dollars!!! 4 litre jugs, with penn I'll have to buy a jug + 1 liter hence more expensive, ratio of 40 synth and 60 mineral as per Shell rep. And finally its a CANADIAN PRODUCT !!! [Wink] See you in the fall for the oil analysis report
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