my oil cooler temp data-can oil be too cool?

Northern CA
Originally posted by laproscopic: herky jim shared that his aircraft oil cooler was shooting for an oil temp of 136 degrees to 185 degrees (converted from celsius to farenheit) if I consider my truck a plane the temps I am getting w my cooler ore ok. no? comments more on the temp oil must reach?
Turboprop oil temps can be different than recip engine oil temps. Turboprop oil doen't have to deal with the combustion by products nearly as much as recip engine oil. You should get to 180F minimum for a fair amount of time a few times a week. 190F would be better, temps above that won't help much. On the hot end, as long as you oil doesn't go above above 225-230F very often or for very long, you don't have too much cardboard.
Austin, TX
One other thing to consider is if that Canton racing sandwich adapter is sending ALL the oil to the cooler and then into the engine as opposed to some by-pass oil cooler setups which send cool oil back to the pan, the oil temperature the engine "sees" will probably be substantially less than the temperatures you measure in the pan.