My experience selling a vehicle to Vroom

I have used SHIFT (M2 Comp) and Vroom (JL Wrangler) in the past year to sell two of my cars, SHIFT was definitely more seamless and better run but I didn't have any issues with Vroom.

I actually tried to sell the Wrangler via Autotrader/CarGurus/Craigslist and had only 1 real lead, everyone else was wholesalers or tire kickers trying to lowball me, once I realized Vroom would give me a few hundred bucks less than what I was asking for it was an easy decision.
I didn’t have a check issue with vroom but the transaction certainly wasn’t as smooth as carvana. Sold them my Outback back in January.

the paperwork came within 2 days, signed and mailed back. Then there was an issue with carrier pick up. They told me the first carrier was coming then went silent for 2 weeks. Called the carrier within a week like it said on the email and was told they’re coming to pick up and will receive a call. Didn’t receive a call. Had to contact vroom again then they sent out a carrier to pick up within 3 days.

they picked it up, but the process wasn’t over. There was a disconnect between the carrier and vroom verifying pickup. Had to make another call and send vroom the receipt. Then they overnighted a check.

carvana was much better. Sold them the car on a Monday, they sent their own truck on Thursday to pick it up. Handed me the check on the spot and it was a done deal.
They’ve now lowered the price to $999 more than they paid me. Unfortunately my new Raptor is now pushed back to 9/27 from 8/14. Hopefully no more delays but I’m not convinced.

What a nightmare, should have heeded the warnings in this thread. I attempted to sell my Jeep to Vroom and I am now convinced that they have lost the title. Weeks of back and forth for nothing and now I need to get a duplicate title from the DMV. The only saving grace is that they were too incompetent to pick up the vehicle.