Motul 300v 10w40 in a Scooter

I have a 2014 Genuine Hooligan with a 169cc motor. It has a little over 1100 miles on it now. I just drained out some Rotella T that had about 600 miles on it. I got some Motul 300V 4T Competition Synthetic Oil from a friend that had to get rid of his bike, and had 2 4L jugs left over. He just gave them to me. I put the Motul in and took it for a spin around town. I was amazed at how much quieter the engine is with this oil. It is much quieter at all throttle levels. Even with the throttle wide open, it is very quiet. I am very happy with this oil so far, and I have enough to get me by for a long time to come. I'll do a UOA sometime soon to see how it holds up.