motorcraft oil filter for nissan?

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May 30, 2009
guys i have a 2008 nissan altima with the 2.5 i can get a good deal on motorcraft filters but dont know which one will work for me. i have been using the napa golds FIL 1365. can someone tell me which MC filter will work for me? thanks guys!
The FL816 is the shorty 6607/14612 equivalent that would fit. The longer FL822 is the 7317/14610 equivalent would work too. I'd prefer the latter. Their construction would very similar to the Purolator Classic.
thank you very much! just out of curiousity why would you prefer the latter? beacuse its bigger?
It's somewhat longer(same dia.), more media area, and a bit more oil capacity. For some odd reason Nissan specs the shorty version on 'some' vehicles, where the longer 7317/14610 will fit and work just fine. Use with confidence.
do they use the smaller ones due to pressure reasons? maybe the smaller one will have more oil pressure? sorry if these questions are stupid
I've never seen a logical reason, the bypass specs are the same/similar just one slightly longer, ~3/4". I always used the longer in my Altima, as have many others here. I suspect it has more to do with some cost savings than anything else. That said, if you are concerned, go with the shorty.
I've always been a bit curious about the MotorCraft filters for my vehicles since they have a good reputation and are a good price as well. I just never knew which filter # would fit. When I first bought my new '04 Altima 2.5, every filter I bought/used gave me startup rattle even PureOne, Nissan filters and just about every other brand. I tried ST filters and they were the worst. NAPA Pro Select finaly made the rattling STOP! Today, I have had great success with PuroClassic since they change the name from Premium Plus(I don't know why!). I have been staying with what works these days and right now, it's the Puro Classic's that have given me the best, most consistant success. The Classic's are always available, often on sale/rebate, or come w/ an OCI special. Now, the car would have to be setting for several days without starting to get the startup rattle, or parked on an angle(driver side lower than the pass side). These 1st gen 2.5/3.5 Nissan engines are rattlers on their best day even if they don't rattle opon startup. They'll rattle for a few minutes when first driving off mainly from the first startup for the day or after sitting for several hours such as in you work parking lot for 8 hrs.
I was told by Nissan Tech Dept that the specified the shorter filter for the VQ35 V6 because the longer filter "would hit the side cover on the wheel well". But guess what ... it doesn't. The longer filters such as the Motorcraft FL-822 and Purolator L14610 fit just fine. Here's the Motorcraft FL-822. As sayjac said, it's basically the Purolator Classic L14610.
Just one addition, it's possible the FL821 'may' have superceeded the FL822 or vice versa, so whichever is available/the current application#, would work. As ZO said, the Purolator L14610 would be about identical. I'd go with whichever you can get for less.
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