Motorcraft FL8136

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Interesting. It could be a misprint. There are no 3/4-16 filters that I'm aware of that are spec'd or intented for full flow engine usage that don't have a bypass valve.

Purolator shows a bypass valve. They should be the people who make the FL836
Take a hit for the team!! Cut it open! Being it's an MC, you should be able to see the bypass valve on the open end. Ford has never had a dome end bypass spec'd on any OEM aftermarket filter that I'm aware of ..nor the assembly line filter either.
I think the info they have listed is wrong because they also say the FL820S has no drain back valve or bypass valve which is wrong. It doesnt much matter anyways, my local Walmart doesnt have the FL8136 so I don't know where I would get it.
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Sure you do. Summit Racing.

Is this some real guy ..or did someone have Walkin audition for Bettle Juice before they cast Keaton?

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