Motorcraft FL-820S Cut Open

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Aug 22, 2002
Shoreline, WA
Here’s a Motorcraft FL-820S filter removed from a 2001 Ford F150 with a 5.4L Triton V8 engine. The filter was in service for 5,000 miles using Valvoline SynPower 5W-20. MNFR Code - 901071317 Wavy pleats. The end cap came off in hand but the media and 'glue' were still intact. Silicon ADBV was soft and pliable. No tears anywhere in the media.
Nice pics, thanks for sharing! Glad to see one of these Purolators survive. I will cut mine when I replace soon.
Thanks for posting this. I've been wondering about Motorcraft filters but haven't got around to cutting open my last few filters. Like many others though - I have jumped ship and started using Napa/Wix filters for all my vehicles. I've been a big fan of Purolator for a long time, however (you can call me paranoid if you like) in my opinion this is just too serious of a problem to be taken lightly.
I had some correspondence with both Champion (Now FRAM Filtration) and Purolator about Motorcraft filters and Puro told me they were made on a dedicated line with oversight by Ford. This was a few years ago, though, and the emails were on an old computer that is now defunct, so things may be different now, but until the FL820S starts coming up with tears, I'm sticking with them.
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