Mobil 1 Delvac 5W40 in V6 Toyota year round

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Oct 14, 2003
Eldora, Colorado 9000'
A long, boring trip to Los Angeles and back got me thinking about OIL and other things. Then stopping at a Pilot Truck Stop on I8, I bought 18 Gallons of Gas, 2 Donuts and 3 Gallons of Mobil Delvac 1 5W40. A few more miles and I'm swithcing to the Delvac 1 5W40 year round in both Toyota V6 trucks. They're at 15-20K miles and I've only used Mobil 1 5W30 with good results since new. I want to run 10K OCI with an Amsoil filter change at 5K and 10K intervals. TIA for any feedback. Comments? Concerns? Critisisms?
Whew...$90 on oil. As long as you've confirmed you have no mechnical problems that would "mess things up", I see no problem with at the VERY MINIMUM, a 10k OCI. I've been here for awhile now, and while most run farther than 3K OCI intervals, most could also run much, much farther and still obtain good results. For semis, we use 25,000 change intervals on Delo 400 15w-40 MINERAL oil, but, of course, this is with a bypass filter and large oil supply. But then again, you're running a Group IV oil in a (I presume) good running vehicle. I'd run 15K intervals and not even think twice about it...
If the application were not a Toyota V6, 15K might be reasonable, but under the circumstances I would do a precautionary sample well before that time.
If you are talking about the 3.4L toyota engine, you'll be fine with 10k change intervals ....Any PAO based synthetic should last for 10k miles in that engine .... Tooslick Dixie Synthetics
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