Mobil 1 crappy bottle caps

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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
Why is it that probably 50% of the caps on mobil 1 bottles in a most stores are partially broken? The lower ring that attached to the actual cap to hold it on in 'sealed' position to show tampering is half still attached, half unattached. Should I suspect foul play? I can't imagine peopel our frombottle to bottle in the Wal-mart with cameras and security people around... Iver seen this in wal mart, kmart and target m1 bottles... Maybe its just a bad cap design? Actually, a bad bottle design? M1 always seeps through the seam where the bottle halves are joined, after opening the cap... JMH
when I buy them in 6 quart cases, they are never half open, maybee an employee is getting mobil 1 at the cost of supertech. [No no] Bub
Same EXACT thing at my local Autozone and Pep Boys. Half of the M1 bottles have ill fitting caps and are leaking. F-ing ridiculous.
It could be bad caps,if the cap skirt seats on the bottle before the seal in the cap seats down it will leak through the threads.But more often than not,the capper is out of adjustment,which can be a migrane inducing adventure :freak2:especially if the caps are inconsistant .I'm surprised QC doesn't catch this,but they might not be as concerned as they are in food processing,because we sure get hammered for it.When all else fails blame maintenance [No no]
Well they didn't seem to be concerned when bottles were mis-labled during the conversion from SJ-SL and Tri-Syn-SS Fiasco. So why should they worry about container leakage/cap installation [Frown]
I'm finding loosened caps on oil bottles (not just synthetics, either) at Pep Boys, WalMarts, Target, and K-Marts in my area. I just figured it was Stupid Kid Tricks. But, it is annoying to grasp a bottle and find oil all over my hand. Of course the public restrooms, if there are any, are inevitably at the diagonally opposite end of the store. Proof, I guess, that God has a sense of humor...
It's the same here as well. Our town sits at about 5200' and all the Mobil oil is leaking at Wal-Mart. I usually have to reach to the very back to get ones that don't have oil all over them. I wonder if it IS an elevation issue. Awhile back, I actually bought a different kind to top off with (my car uses a LOT of oil) because all the Mobil bottles were covered. Jason
Funny, because I was in wal mart today to pick up some drive clean for my girlfriend's car. The cap looks exactly the same, only, every bottle looks a-ok... unlike the mobil1 bottles... JMH
was at wally world about a year ago to buy 5 quarts of M1 10w30. Poured two in the motor fine. Started pouring in third and it was USED OIL black as tar. I was pi$$ed. I understood how this could happen when I went to return them and noone asked any questions, just stuck them under the counter at the return desk. I don't have this problem now with ordering Amsoil via UPS.
Pressure differentials during shipping? I know from living here (5300 ft alt) that everything manufactured & sealed at sea-level gets bloated when shipped here. Does oil ever getted shipped via air? Maybe unpressurized cargo holds are causing expansion & leaks? Even if it's trucked, if it goes over any substantial mountain range (Continental Divide?) it'll suffer the same kind of bloating I see on our store shelves. Let's just hope people aren't returning their used oil to the stores, right? [No no]
Sounds like Mobil needs to do some better QC control on their bottles. I had a few bottles leaking (seeping) at the body seams from one case I bought a while back.
Sorry to raise this thread from the dead. I was doing a search for something else and ran across this and had to comment. I too have seen the crappy cap phenomena with Mobil 1 and believe I had a good explanation as to why this occurs. I work in a warehouse for a large retailer (hint hint, Wal-Marts chief competitor). When we get orders from stores for more product we'll either pull a full pallet out of the 35ft+ high storage racks or use an stockpicker where someone picks cases of product out of the racks off the pallets by hand. I suspect the damaged caps have a lot to do with people simply tossing the boxes of product into the carts attached to the backs of the stockpickers rather than setting them down. They then ride on a conveyor system to the out-bound trailers where another set of hands tosses them roughly into the truck. Frankly I'm suprised half of the electronic merchandise that goes out the door of the warehouse even functions.
I don't care if the cap is screwed up... just as long as the little seal on the inside is on there fine. I haven't had any problems with that seal once you take the cap off.
Mobil1 oil/atf = great stuff Mobil1 bottle caps suck. I hope that Mobil is reading this. I've had many bottles leak. They don't survive in a trunk at all. Bottles that need to be treated with TLC suck.
[Eek!] I'll have to remember to check that 1/2 quart I have laying in the trunk! If it's leaked out I'm gonna be pissed.
Personally, I have learned to be really careful with synthetic oil. I remember when I brought Mobil 1 oil to an oil change place and they tried to put conventional motor oil in my car, instead of my Mobil 1. I have a hard time believing that Exxon/Mobil is using a poor source for its plastic oil containers. So maybe employees in the parts stores are switching out the oil. Nothing is impossible and I have learned in this world of today-'Trust no one and trust nothing.' Search out the Mobil 1 oil containers that appear to have not been tampered with. If you can't find any that have not been tampered with, I think it would be better to use a good conventional motor oil rather than whatever unknown oil has been put into the Mobil 1 containers.
Originally posted by Mystic: I have a hard time believing that Exxon/Mobil is using a poor source for its plastic oil containers.
I don't, simply because even after opening the quart and removing the "safety seal" ring from the bottom of the cap, the caps never seem to want to screw on correctly, and when they do God forbid you try to tighten them down a bit so they don't leak. Half the time the threads cap will overtighten and slip past the threads on the neck and the cap is once again loose.
I work at Autozone, and we constantly have problems with ALL the Mobil oil bottles, whether it's Mobil 1 or drive clean. I've opened countless cases where the bottles leaked all over and some quarts were only half full now! We don't have any problems with any other brand oil, however. They're just cheap bottles.
Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. Back when I used Mobil 1 exclusively in my Avenger, half the bottles I bought had the caps screwed up..
I'm really glad the 5 quart jugs are so available now. I got tired of having the quart bottles leak all over my truck on the way home from WalMart...
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