Mobil 1 15W-50 finally available in Aus

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Now it's time for one of you to run it for a while and send in for a UOA!
I'm checking with local Mobil distributor at lunchtime today but they are such dropkicks I may not have much luck! In fact when I mentioned to Mobil head ofice in Melbourne a few weeks back how I was screwed around they sent me a 5-litre jug M1 SS 0W40 gratis. ACEA A3/B3/B4, GF-3, MB 229.3/229.5, VW 502.00/503.01/505.00 etc. Pretty impressed with Mobil as thats about A$100 worth of oil.
You might remember Sprintman that I saw it in KMART 2-3 weeks ago. Only 15w-50 but 0w-40 & 10w30 also available, but not at Kmart. Also these grades only in 1 litre bottles or 3 x 5ltdr cartons, although I have been told will be available as single 5 lts some time soon. Penrite supplies the stores in Victoria but you might try a Mobil bulk distributor. Ring head office in your state.

Quoted these Trade Prices: 5 x 1 ltrs $71.21 & GST (Prob 10% higher retail.)
Mobil Delvac 1. 5 ltrs $53.66 & GST

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For not much more why not run Motul 300v? That's what I'm running in my 200sx and my son in his highly modded and driven real hard 180sx (160kw+ RWKW)
Well I was correct we got bs'd at Mobil again. Mate with me asked for 5-litre M1 SS 0W40 and told "got none" He "well I've seen it here before". Bloke at counter says "Oh I remember you, those were 'samples' and we won't have it any more"??. Great product, shame about their distributors!!
Yep, I was told that you can not buy single 5 ltr containers. Either multiple 1 ltr packs or a carton which I think has 3 x 5 ltrs. However, KMART does sell the 15w-50 in 5 ltr containers. Going to have a look a little later when I finish work ( walking distance from my office).
Still waiting for the Delvac 1 "to come in" locally, and all the turbo-diesel owners that I'd pretty much converted are now using Delo400.

We used to have the 15W-50 a long time ago in Mobil 1's history.

But the 0W-40 and the 10W-30 are only available in 1 litre containers according to the local mob.

The other oil you could try in the Motul range is the 8100 X-cess 5w40. $55 for 5 ltrs at Autobarn. Possibly on sale as is in new fathers day catalogue.
Im definately giving Motul 300V a shot after my Auto-RX is finished. It looks the bomb!!! Looks like an alternative to Redline, and perhaps an even better one at that!
I think it depends on the Autobarn franchise owner. If they are rev heads then they will have it. We have a least one store nearby that hasn't even heard of the Motul brand, another has several grades of the stuff. I suggest you ring around.

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Originally posted by theguru:

The other oil you could try in the Motul range is the 8100 X-cess 5w40. $55 for 5 ltrs at Autobarn. Possibly on sale as is in new fathers day catalogue.

Which Motul oil is better, the 5w40 or the 0w40? A guy in my car club owns a speed shop which stocks only the 0w40 Motul, and he really wants me to try it out in my car sometime. He can get other viscosities though, but for his customers he finds the 0w40 works best (he typically works on LS1 and LT1 Camaros, Firebirds and Corvettes, and Buick Regal Grand Nationals) He claims every single customer he's sold this oil has claimed their engines run much smoother and with higher oil pressure too (although most of them are switching from Mobil 1 so the higher oil pressure is understandable considering they're going from 30wt to 40wt oil)

This guy doesn't know a lot about oils, but he did tell me it's a mostly ester based oil. It's $13.50 per liter but he will sell it to me at his cost of $11.50 per liter. Depending on how my German 0w30 testing goes, I may test out this oil next year.
Hi Patman,

I think the 0-40 is a newer product and is a little higher in their range (300v is a the top). I believe them to be both ester full syths. Other other difference is the 5-40 is $55AUD whilst the 0-40 is $85AUD here per 5 ltrs. Not sure that every engine is ok for a 0 grade, and probably not really required in Oz.
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