Mixing Mobil1 5w-30 and Truck and SUV

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Jun 9, 2004
Theodore Al
Was considering running Mobil1 in my truck and car after the GC as a camparo to the GC and Amsoil that have been run previously. Both the Amsoil and the GC have a little higher Vis. and I like that. Was wondering if I could mixed one quart of truck and suv (5w-40 i think) in when I change and bring the Vis. up a litte. Any comments?
You would be much better off (IMHO) mixing up say a 10W-30 and 15W-50 mixture of mobil 1. A 25% mixture of the 15W-50 gets you into the higher range of a 30 wt.
And in your area you would be good for all year around.
Yeah, I had wondered about that also, just didnt know if the 40w was a light 40 like there 30w and is closer to like a GC with a heavy 30W. My vehicles are a 01 saturn 1.9L sohc and a 2001 tacoma 3.4L dohc.
Agreeing with Al, I'm currently running 3quarts Mobil-1 10W30 with 2quarts of the 15W50 in my Accord.

This winter I plan to mix 3quarts of the 5W30 with 2quarts of the 5W40
I might give that a try then, add one quart of 15w-50 with the 10w-30 and then get a UOA and see whats up.
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