Mix Pearl or Metal flakes with acrylic paint

Apr 5, 2018
İ want to change color of my car from black to white. i prefer single stage acrylic AkzoNobel paint
For white color, Single stage 2L costs me 30$. As opposed to 2 Stages, two liters of which with clear coat at Sikkens, Standox or Glasurit cost almost 170$. Also painter charges me more if it is two or three stages.
I know it may sound odd, but Can i mix some pearl or metal flakes with white acrylic paint for a little improvement over solid effect?. (I totaly understand that, for real pearl effect, it should not sprayed at 3 stages.)
My main concern is that, without protection of clear coat, would pearl or metal flakes oxidize or becomes yellow fast ? How they withstand UV lights without protection of clear coat ?
If the pearl you are adding is designed to be mixed with your Acrylic Enamel then yes by all means add it! I used to spray Dupont Centari paint back in the day and it is looks really nice when done right. It has self leveling properties not found in todays paints.

When you paint single stage paint, that little bottle of activator will form a layer at the top (kind of like a skin) and as the paint wears thru its lifespan it will all wear equally giving it a more flat appearance over time. It will never shine like a base / clear but in the color you are using it will be fine.

With all the new toppers, coatings, waxes, etc......durability will not be an issue if you spray at least two coats. I always dusted the centari around the edges first, allowed 7-10 minutes of flash time, then did a nice even first coat, accepting any think spots, or mottling, then the last coat was applied a little on the wet side to allow self leveling and not needing to wetsand and buff.

In 90 days (yes that long) I just buff with wool wheel on medium speed and live with however the finish ends up. Understand it will never match a base / clear.