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Nov 29, 2021
Well!! Going to Mint Mobile.. I'll purchase their Buy 3 months Get 3 free plan soon.

If anyone wants the "referral" bonus.. well, pretty much first Mint Mobile user that DMs it to me I'll add it when I sign up because.. why not.

Simple Mobile is *done* their Verizon switch it's just not the same as it was under T-Mobile so, here I am and I'm ready to save some money.

Ok that's about what I was posting for here, will do so sometime between now and "Friday" around work.

Okay I have a "winner" lol. The order has been placed. I thank those that messaged and I apologize to the user with the cool vehicle avatar I first thought was Alfa Romeo but you're right, the "winner" got ya by about a half hour and I apologize.

Now onto my experience with Mint Mobile! I do hear they are pretty good and I look forward to it. If it is like my Simple Mobile experience pre-being bought by Verizon - when they were basically a T-Mobile MVNO and I had not a single problem with them and they were pretty good - I will be happy.

I just got 6 months of service for what 2 would have been with Simple Mobile after all taxes surcharges and fees... "Recovery Fee" is a new one.. :/