Cell phone plan shopping

you can save if you ONLY use your phone when REALLY necessary!! for one person AirVoice has a pay as you go plan i use about $10 for 90 DAYS + 100 min text + talk + data i rarely use at .0666 per megabyte. be safer + limit EMF exposure + dont drive + talk!!!
Look at Google Fi and Consumer Cellular.

Also consider not all carriers have great coverage in some locations. Verizon seems to have the best coverage across the US.

I have two cell phones from two different carriers.
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you can save if you ONLY use your phone when REALLY necessary!! for one person AirVoice has a pay as you go plan i use about $10 for 90 DAYS + 100 min text + talk + data i rarely use at .0666 per megabyte. be safer + limit EMF exposure + dont drive + talk!!!
So basically you have very little need for a cellphone.
I'm in the same category ALSO don't need but the 1 phone.
Mostly txt (I have a 'last kid', 26 y/o & they don't phone but do txt).
I use it as GPS, and "I'll B there ina minuet" when finding ppl out for a restaurant, club...
Looking for less than 30$ but don't think 'pay as U go would wrk so good. Love vrizzon's network...

When naming (above) these 'off companies" plez try'n mention who's towers they use (ATT, etc)~
Currently three people share a family plan on Verizon, unlimited talk, text and 2GB shared data. $20 a line and net discounts the plan itself is $27. Verizon just added an add on fee to the plan - $12 - so total for 3 lines is $20+$20+$20+$27+$12 = $99 plus tax.

The $12 fee annoys me, which prompted me to look and see what else is out there. I gather the users can get away with more data for about the same money from something like Straight Talk (looks like north of $40) or Pageplus ($30 a line), but the data isn't needed. Seems like the old family plan construct is gone and replaced with a per line charge that changes depending on the number of lines for the big carrier (Verizon and AT&T) and unlimited data would only make a new plan more expensive anyway.

Started looking elsewhere like Mint Mobile which seems to be a savings but not sure they would be ready to make that jump.

Anyway - is there any setup with the big carriers or more well known carrier that is worth considering? Would prefer to stay with a carrier that leverages the Verizon network.
Mint Mobile has been great for me. I have the $15 4 gig plan, that I paid a year in advance for. Service is stable and when other phones around me lose signal, I still have signal. The service switches between 4g and 5g seamlessly. Hate to say it , but it is far better than the Verizon 4g I had through TracFone.

IIRC they just introduced a new Family plan.
that might B it 4 me. I've had a monthly Trac Phone/thru verizon for 17, 18 yrs
(Bring ur Own Phone, upgrade on last yrs models off ebay'n what not) and am
totaly happy. 15$ is cool~
Think they're in WesssMasss ?
I highly recommend Redpocket especially for those who want to pay for what they need. I think alot of people go with Unlimited and dont even need it but your going to pay for it . What I like about Redpocket is there plan choices for everyones needs. I have there $8.25 a month ($100) annual plan - 1000 minutes talk / unlimited text / 1GB data. 1000 minutes of talk is plenty for me in a month and I dont need much data because I have a computer at home that I prefer to use and a router (wifi) for the TV. Plus I also have wifi at work.
Screenshot 2022-09-03 at 12-45-31 Red Pocket Mobile - Plans Annual.jpg
I moved from Cricket @ $35 a month to Mint @ $15 a month.

Mint lost the number I wanted to port... which I had for over 20 years.

Every time I call their 'customer service', I talk to someone who isn't an American. They make the same exact claim that they're going to take care of it. They never do.

It ended up being a good thing in the end. I had about 6 to 8 spam callers a day. Now I have none. I'm only giving my number out to immediate friends and family. No one else. The rest get my Google Voice number which is transcribed to me via email.
Quick update for anyone interested/browsing and stumble on this thread. Took a while to convince everyone to switch, made the leap at the beginning of December. One line ended up on Twigby (Lowest 1GB plan for $15/month, bringing over their existing phone) two other lines ended up on Visible $30/month plan (which is overkill) with New Iphone SEs (3rd gen) bought on Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. Assuming all the promos for the phones through Visible come through, everybody will be happy.

The actual activation and number porting on both Twigby and Visible was super easy, only hiccup was I did not realize i had to use the same one time passcode to port out each of the three numbers from Verizon so had to cancel the initial Twigby order to replace with a new passcode. Online customer service was pretty good with Twigby.

Only (sort of) regret is I did not convince the 3rd line to get a new Iphone SE as it was relatively cheap and only required a three month commitment to Visible.
I only stick with Verizon because they include great service in Mexico on their basic but still overpriced plan. But so would att and TMobile. But if travel wasn't an issue definitely something like visible or boost mobile.
Wife and I each have a 15GB plan with Mint Mobile. We prepay do it works out to $20/month for each line. Before we were spending almost $140/month with Verizon on an unlimited plan.

I use my phone for GPS a lot for work and I think the most data I’ve used in a month for the past year has been ~7GB. Most months I’m around 5GB.