Metal cutting blade for reciprocating saw

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Dec 31, 2017
SE British Columbia, Canada
We were discussing sway bar link removal and some folks mentioned using a reciprocating saw. I just purchased this DIABLO bi-metal blade for cutting steel. I cut through a couple of nails to try it out. Wasn’t bad but I’m curious what else is out there in terms of reciprocating saw blades. Any thoughts? Thanks.
I've had good luck with Milwaukee's 'Torch' blades, and the carbide Diablo blades. Not so much with DeWalt blades.
They have carbide teeth blades as mentioned before, but I would hesitate buying expensive sawzall blades because you almost only use them for demo. You can use wood blades to cut metal too, but you get showered in hot metal shavings. I know this because my boss doesn't seem to distinguish between wood and metal blades. Metal blades used on wood also seem to be more precise and controllable, the wood ones will get caught and hammer you from time to time if they catch a nail or hit something. You should be using a grinder if you are cutting metal in large amounts. I'm an electrician and I wish my boss would buy a grinder instead of using a sawzall to cut metal and wire, getting showered in hot metal shavings is not that comfortable.
I have the diablo pruning blades 5pk for 9bux on amazon. some offbrand horror freight stuff.. that is pretty below average.. and some diablo carbine short metal blades.. work good.
Every once in a while I cut cast iron pipe. I can never cut with a regular saw blade. I've even tried carbide. I need diamond. That cuts like butter and didn't dull.
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Thanks everyone. I just ordered up a couple of Diablo Carbide blades on Amazon. Now I’m ready if I need to chop. smile
And here they are.


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