MC 5W-20 at Wal-Mart

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Jul 10, 2004
Was in Wal-mart last night picking up a few things and went by the automotive dept and saw that they had 12 qt cases of MC 5W-20 for $18.24, and I thought they weren't carrying it anymore. Must be some old stock they are selling off.
I noticed the same thing here in Western Detroit - several cases of MC 5W 20 in the center aisle. However I stuck my head in the service bay to buy the last 8 MC 5W 30 Blend for $1.50 each. I notice that Havoline 5W 30 sells for the same price. Between Motorcraft or Conoco synthetic blends and Havoline oils - which can go longer in their UAO's and which shears the least (in the same application)? Or are we just splitting hairs in this case?
I bought 2 cases of 5w-20 MC at WM this morning for 13.84 a case! I also bought about 30 loose quarts, all they had, of MC 5w-30 for $1 ea!! Told my dad about it and he went down and bought 4 cases of the MC 5w-20, he has an Oddysey and an Accord. Oh they also had Castrol RX 15w-40 for 1.02 each, bought all of it too around 18 quarts. Also bought 4 MC FL-400S for my son's Taurus, while they still had them. [Big Grin] [Big Grin]
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