Maxlife Power Steering Fluid??

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Feb 17, 2007
Clermont, Florida
I did do a search, here and on Google, I read for an hour or so but did not really find what I am looking for. The PS pump on my truck is leaking. I already replaced the pressure hose about a month ago, now I will just replace the pump, return hose and pulley all at once and hopefully be done with any power steering problems for a long time. I did read that a lot of people use the Maxlife PSF but all I could really find was posts that said it stops up leaks and a few people said it made the steering quieter. Is the Maxlife PSF really all that much better than ordinary plain PSF? I plan to flush out all the old PSF by removing the return line at the steering rack and then working the steering wheel back and forth to force the old PSF into a drain pan, then put in all new PSF when I install the new pump. I have 148,900 miles now on my original pump and steering rack, and all it has ever seen is regular OEM PSF. Should I really be concerned with the seal conditioning and other properties of the Maxlife PSF? If the Maxlife really would be better for my steering, I will use it. Thanks for any info on this.
Just drain and refill the pump every year with ATF +4 and you will not need a HM PSF.. IMHO HM stuff is just to help mask issues that will just happen eventually
I just did that tonight, swapped out PS fluid with a horrible smelling maxlife dex/merc atf. What does your cap say? PS fluid or atf? thats an important difference!
I use maxlife P/S fluid in the wifes Impala and maxlife dex/merc in my Grand Marquis. Change them once a year. Work great for me.
All of my Dodge manuals say to only use PSF, never to use ATF. I think I will use the Maxlife, it sure can't hurt anything in a steering rack that is about to turn over 150K. Thanks for the replies and info.
should say it right on the reservoir cap. I used a soft soap dispenser to suck it out of reservoir, plan to do it again every oil change for a while.
Maxlife PSF and ATF is great stuff. I use them both. What fluid did you use when changed the hose?
I used plain regular Prestone Power Steering Fluid when I replaced the pressure hose. It did not take much, maybe half to 3/4 of a quart. So now I want to flush out the entire power steering system and put in all new Maxlife PSF.
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