Marlin XT Youth .22LR


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Apr 28, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Originally Posted By: Marlin
A full-size rifle doesn’t fit in a youth’s hands the same way it fits in an adult’s, making it harder to learn the correct grip and shooting form. Marlin’s latest innovation is the XT-22 Youth Series. It’s the first series of rifles designed exclusively for young shooters. It features a shorter stock, shorter trigger reach, smaller grip and a raised comb; making it easier for a youth to acquire and hold the proper sight picture. These guns also feature a reduced bolt release force, for smoother loading and to prevent jams. Our Pro-Fire™ Adjustable Trigger adjusts the trigger pull, too. Pass on your love of shooting and hunting to the next generation, and give them the right start with this new line of rifles.
Just picked up this for my eldest for his birthday (which is close to Christmas). Seems a bit more suited to his age (he's turning 11) than the Savage Rascal that my younger boy has. Also, given the price point, also strikes me as a better built gun with more features (like the adjustable trigger, integrated scope mounts...etc). Anybody have any experience with these? Seem like a great bargain given what I noted above shrug
Aug 20, 2003
I have a marlin 25N to plink with and its very accurate within the limitations of the ammo. small 1" crab apples at 200ft easily. On a calm day 300-500ft without missing is possible.