Lots of GC M0604xxxxxxxxx

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Jan 1, 2006
Mount Dora FL, Penfield NY, Roswell NM
Visited my local AZ in Eustis just to see if I could scrounge up some GC (Green, M02 thru M04). Did not have any, but they got a lot of GC M0604. I already purchase six quarts a couple weeks ago, and I have at least a two year supply of Green and Gold, so unless I find some Green somewhere, I'll just leave the M0604 to someone else that needs it now. Bob 01 GoldWing 02 Continental 03 Marauder
Can you leave it in Colorado Springs [Big Grin] ...I would love to get my hands on some 06 vintage (The Elves tell me they outdid themselves this year [Wink] )
I just picked up a bottle of M060417A54 but it is BMW 5w-30 Hi performance Full Synthetic. Was the 0604 GC the production run before or after the BMW 0604?
The bottles of M0604 that I looked at yesterday at the local AZ had new front and back labels. The front label proudly proclaims Euro Formula. The back label stated "Made in Germany" and included MBZ approvals 229.1, 229.3 and 229.5 The VW approvals did not list 505.01 Sorry if this is old news to the list, but it was new to me.
DeaconBlue, Thanks for the product packaging update. Just FTR, GC has never carried a 505.01 approval. IIRC, it did, or maybe still does, carry the 505.00 approval. The VW 505.01 is the PD diesel engine spec., & GC is not a diesel specific oil.
Correct on the 505.01 specifiaction. Yes IIRC, it did list the VW 503.0, 505.0 and 503.1 approvals. Sorry I didn't have my camera with me and since I still have about 75 qrt of the M04 green, I didn't pick up any of the M0604 vintage gold.
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