Luxury Car Owners Switching to Pickup Trucks

Yep. $100k grocery getters that get 11mpg. It's rampant here. 1 in 100 actually have seen a pasture.
$100.000 Mercedes that suck like a Kirby have more trouble as they age and don't hold their value what are you trying to tell us? My 2015 Ford has averaged 22+ mpg since I purchased it.
The Dodge and Chrysler mini vans used to be the big thing when gas prices were high. Now, it's the 4 door 4WD pickup trucks. Gas is cheap too and that helps them sell. I think my 2014 F-150 4WD crew cab is worth within a few thousand of what I paid for it several years ago. I plan on keeping it for a while because of the high price to replace it. It's has gotten a little crazy out there on prices. Big trucks do ride very well.