best vehicle model to run on waste motor oil aka black diesel

Quoting :

What you'd like to look for is a diesel engine with a VE pump (injection pump.) These include older Cummins 4bt/6bt, chevy 6.2/6.5, ford 7.3, vw 1.5d 1.6d 1.9d AND 1996-2003 TDI's (same exact pump as the older diesels, just with a computer), mercedes 240d 300d, and perkins engines found in the older ford rangers to name a few.

Typically these are the engines people choose to run WMO though. Some are direct injection, others are indirect injection (fire into prechambers, and not directly onto the piston.) I've read that the prechambers are better for WMO due to their design, and being able to hold heat better, but it's argued both ways on the boards"

Apparently ve pumps like wmo. The nippondenso rotary fuel pump on a corolla diesel apparently represents a copy of the bosch ve pump, so that helps.

I read online that the best fuel pumps for wmo get their lubrication from the motor oil and not the fuel. Which fuel pumps get lubrication from engine and not the fuel? I heard the merc w123 pumps get lubrication from engine oil, big plus there. I think the corolla diesel fuel pump gets lubrication from fuel.
I read that bosch p pump works best with alt fuels and then the bosch ve pump.

then nippondenso pump on a corolla diesel 1c basically resembles a bosch ve pump.

i thing the w123 240d has a bosch p pump; thinking about going that route.

Reading also that going over 50 % wmo and 50 % diesel blend on single tank setup will cause coking on injectors and smoking exhaust on short trips.

thinking about dual tank setup with a 6 port electronically actuated tank selector valve to start on diesel and turn off wmo.
It would be best if you mixed in 2 stroke oil for the dispersants/a detergent like PEA.
Antique 6.9/7.3 Ford diesels are really the only option

First generation Cummins from what I know still end up with problems .

6.2 diesels require a steady injector removal clean and reinstallion with nearly every oil change

True “black” diesel is done with a high temperature sill and will run in any diesel without a centrifuge.
what is it about the idi 7.3 fords that make them good for WMO if they dont even have a inline injection pump-i have heard it mentioned the type of prechamber, the swirl prechamber, is what prevents the idis prechamber from getting clogged up, is this what makes ford idi 7.3 the best for WMO?

94-98 ram p pump 5.9 cummins on paper should be better than a 7.4 idi ford because of the rams inline pump? whats the deal on WMO guys saying that 7.3 idi fords are better than ppump cummins ?
The pre chamber on the 7.3idi (not turbo) gets much more heat soaked than other engines, (verified with a laser sensor)
the pre chamber itself has larger cups and the compression on the non-turbo is higher which helps burn more completely and clear soot.

Diesels without a prechamber I’m told don’t survive, 6.2’s have small prechamber cups , the smallest one being the c-code engine, this “feature “ can provide astounding fuel economy but it really is bad for motor oil and the 6.2 runs much lower temperatures in that area.

Now all this said, I’ve been told some other antique diesels have no issue with motor oil, non-road going slow turn diesels we’re sometimes spec’d for #4 diesel out of the box, MB, Mercedes and some big 9-12l naturally aspirated engines found in 1970’s cars, buses and other applications supposedly do well on it too but they are getting quite old and rare at this point.
Waste motor oil doesn't smell too bad in a diesel. I can't say anything for it's effect on health. My dad used to run up to 50% wmo in a 1995 12v Cummins, all he had was upgrade fuel filters and would pre filter the oil. I don't think he ran black diesel in every tank though.

i have done research.

i heard ford idi and dodge cummins trucks run on w85 -85 percent wmo with 15 RUG all the time .

I live in central america; 89 degree average temperature year round.

ford and dodge diesel idi trucks can get pricey over here.

I see available lower price idi diesels such as mercedes benz 240d w123, toyota corolla 1990 1c diesel engine.

I heard that the mercedes benz 240d w123 prechamber design makes it so they plugged with carbon, anyone have experience with running wmo in w123 diesel benz.

also i heard tha tford idi pickup trucks run happily on wmo because they have swirl prechamber design which does not clogged up.

does toyota 1c diesel engine design have swirl prechambers like ford; this would mean good to run WMO?

What other IDI diesel have swirl prechambers other than ford idi pickup trucks as these suit WMO well?

What diesel IDI models would you recommend for running WMO?

i plan to cut the wmo with rug 15 per cent; let it sit for 3 days as this helps sediments to fall and then filter through a 10 micron, 5 micron and 1 micron filter sock with a final pass through a fuel filter with water separator to remove water before placing in vehicles tank

i have a 1990 toyota corolla 1c diesel i would like to try this on; will this engine run good on wmo?

also looking for a another vehicle to run wmo on as this would get driven by my mother mostly, hence the title of the thread

You'll probably want something non def required and pre 2007 that can handle high sulfur diesel.