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Aug 21, 2015
My Samsung 50" plasma screen (purchased Jan. 2008) has been showing signs of going/dying, I think. Several months ago, noticed a small area of black dots, size of a golf ball, not really noticeable, but if you did see, well you always could see. Since then, from golf ball to now, softball size. I suspect the screen is going now. The tv has done me well for nearly 9 years. With all the deals, Samsung is top on my list, because of the last one, but alot has changed, I don't even see Sony or Toshiba, which at the time I also consider, around anymore. I saw a 55" Samsung mu6290,499.99, magnavox $279.99, 50" v336v/f7, I know a cheapie, also a LG 55" uj6300, $499.99. The samsung did have a nice picture, the LG also had a nice picture. I guess the best way to say it, I like to stay "around" $500.00 and with the black Friday and online deals coming up, what are some suggesting on these LED's, 50" to 55", I do enjoy a nice picture, all the tech stuff doesn't matter, well maybe it does, considering other family members. I thought Sony was the tops, 9 years later, gone, from what I saw today. Anyway, what is a good deal for around $500.00, 4k, smart tv, uhd roko or whatever tv?? I was at Bj's and Walmart today.
I had a Sony it died after 4 years. Bought a Samsung 1080p at that time and it's about 10 years old now and in the bedroom. Just bought not too long ago a 4K UHD Samsung for the living room and it's great. Really happy with it. Vizio is also good I have one of those as well. (Check the models reviews though). My dad has a Sharp Aquos LCD that is about 12 years old and still kicking and it's on pretty much all day long.
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Samsung and LG are hard to beat. They still make most of their own stuff. TCL is now the third largest mfg replacing Hisense which is fourth largest. TCL besides under their own brand makes many "name" TV's as well. Hisense has been making Sharp the past few years but has had some problems. They are also buying Toshiba TV business. Panasonic still makes good stuff. Visio especially for the money. The Sony's I have seen are top notch but are a little harder to find and not discounted as much at least as far as I have seen. I have an older Panasonic plasma that still kicks it along with a Samsung 4K and Hisense 4k (Black Friday bargain). My Hisense has a great picture and has a 3 year warranty (company has reduced newer ones to one year) but with the problems they are having with the Sharp brand I am leery of them. I would stay with Samsung,LG,Sony,Panasonic and Visio (top end models)..whatever the best deal is. No need for built in smart tv stuff with low prices on Apple and Roku boxes. If you go with a Westinghouse, Polaroid Philips etc IMO get the best extended warranty you can get that makes some financial sense.
I would forget any benefit of a smart TV. If you want to stream, get a ROKU. Much more capability than most smart TVs. A plasma has an excellent picture with very black blacks. Better than LED for movies. Only an OLED has as good a picture as a plasma in this specific area. Many good buys this weekend. Shop around. Forget all the odd manufacturer names they sell at Walmart. Our main TV is a plasma. Probably one of the last models to be sold.
LG panels have a wider viewing angle than Samsung. You cant fully judge the picture quality of a TV in a Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Fry's.. .
Between family and friends 5 Samsung TVs purchased in recent years. Not a problem with any of them and good picture. The last one is a 6 Series 4k UHD 49" for $399.00 at Costco. To me the LED seems not as sharp or more faded than the Samsung it replaced. But that was watching a movie on Netflix so maybe it was the way the movie scene was lighted. Also, TV's have a auto dimming feature when room has lower light. Digital cartoons were vibrant. 2017 UHD Smart TV (MU6290)
i just bought a Samsung 55" 4K t.v. model MU6300 on sale now at Best buy for $534.00. I am very happy with it. The MU6290 is the same set with a little less content,not sure what.
I'd DEFINITELY check out the TCL 55P607; only a 55", but it's a fantastic TV for a dirt cheap price- $650(!). It even supports Dolby Vision HDR. The LG OLED65C7P(($2700) is also an excellent choice- it's one of the very best TVs currently on the market. Another bargain pick would be the VIZIO M65-E0 at just $800. If it was my call, I'd have to go with the LG- but the TCL is an outstanding bargain. My Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-111FD is going on 10 years old with no issues. I'll spring for a larger high-end OLED sooner than later, but it's definitely not a priority.
Samsung/LG/Vizio are the top brands. TCL and Hisense are pretty decent lower tier brands. Wouldn't consider much else.
Bought a Panasonic TC-P50ST50 (50” plasma) smart TV in 2012 around this time and it’s been awesome. Best picture quality I’ve ever seen in a TV. The guys on the A/V forums who know what they’re talking about say the picture is just about as good as the Pioneer, which was the industry standard before they stopped making them. Mine was ~ $1000 back in 2012 but prices have come way down since then. If I were in the market today, I’d go for a larger set. Always buy larger than you think you need. Plasma is going to be by far your best picture quality for the money. The black levels on LED don’t compare. Oh, and much faster refresh rate if you watch a lot of racing, sports, fast action stuff.
Plasma had a huge advantage with black levels, but with LED local array dimming, LCD can achieve comparable levels and without the disadvantages plasma brings. Plasma is as outdated as CRTs.
More anecdotal experience. Bought our first flat screen LCD in 2008, a Sony Bravia 1080P 46". Still going strong with a picture as good as it ever was. It now is in bedroom duty. Upgraded it in the living room with an LG 55" LED in 2013; it lasted a month before a fault sent it into perpetual startup mode. Best Buy was hesitant to let me exchange it, but they finally agreed. I bought a 60" Samsung LED. So far so good. Pic quality between the Sammy and the Sony is a wash, both excellent in my opinion. I know LG is highly rated, but for me it's that brand I have issues with. From tv's to phones to appliances, I've never had great personal experiences with LG. Also, my mom bought her 46" LCD in 2011, despite the negatives I've read about Toshiba, it has been a great tv and has seen all day duty for over six years with not a hiccup. Good luck; they're all good, or they're all bad.
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I would choose Samsung or LG for being reliable. For Picture Quality TCL Most TVs in this price range are contract built, meaning other factories produce the TVs for Samsung and LG. Just the way the world is but you still have the comfort of the name brands. The TV will pay for itself in energy use over the Plasma. I know, we got rid of our 8 year old 58 inch Panasonic Plasma in the spring, replaced it with a 58 inch Samsung. Same screen size and the LED Samsung uses over 500 watts LESS electricity! As far as what to choose, in our throw away society you can also get an inexpensive TV like the TCL with superior picture over the Samsung and LG or any other 3rd party name at half the cost and just throw it away if it goes bad in a few years. I state the TCL because if you search TV reviews on it, the picture quality, they say, blows away most major brands costing 2 to 3 times as much money. can be bought in Walmart and wherever else. Just like Sony and Panasonic faded away and new brands took over, who knows ... how long the current name brands will be around. TVs are becoming much like a commodity now, just like (dare I say) motor oil. :o)
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