Looking for new oil/oil filter combo..

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Dec 19, 2009
So I limited oil down to either:
5W-20 Pennzoil Platinum PurePlus
5W-20 M1 5W-20 EP

Oil Filter:
Bosch D3323 D+
Mobil 1 M1-110 EP
Purolator PSL14610 Synthetic

Someone on the Ridgeline Owners Forum recommended this filter, but I have never heard of it: MAHLE Original OC 707 Is it any good?

So which will be my next oil change?

Looking for the best combo, prices aren't factored in as the oil I will get at Walmart, and the oil filters I will get a Amazon and are all around the same price.

Vehicle: 2010 Honda Ridgeline with 67,000 miles
Mainly drive highway some country back roads
Pretty laid back driver, not really spirited driving
Originally Posted By: Recalculating
And how many miles do you plan to run this combination?

Whatever the MM says which ranges from 9,000-11000 miles
Have you considered the Fram Ultra? It really is a excellent filter. Dual synthetic media with a wired mess backed for extra protection.

Good for 15k miles and iv seen people post photos of them with 15k and they look excellent.

I don't know about your car but for mine the Fram Ultra runs me $8.99
What's wrong with what you are currently using? Why 5W and not 0W?

Sticking to your list, I choose the M1 oil and filter. Deviating, I would use the M1 filter with either 0W-20 AFE or EP. especially Ohio this time of year.
Off your list I would use the M1 EP and D+

Deviating I would use the M1 EP and a Fram Ultra.

Is 2010 spec'ed for 0W-20?
Originally Posted By: Lubener
I really doubt that any of those combinations will make any difference.

+1 I'd just buy what's on sale at Walmart at the time. If you're changing the filter every OCI, I'd use the cheap Fram or Purolator at Walmart. Those expensive filters are good for double stints.
Any of those will be just fine in your vehicle

Some other folks recommend the Fram Ultra which is a very fine filter.

Think about the Mobil 1 Ext Perf oil. It has a good add pack
Take you pick on your oil choices... for a 10k mile OCI they'll all be fine in that engine.

For the filter the M1 out of your list. The puro manufactured filters are still off my recommend list until I see a solid history of proper pleating.

If it were me I would go with AFE and a Fram Ultra and run the MM to 0%.
If it was my vehicle, I'd be running a 30 weight oil in this truck.

All those filters are great that you listed, including the Fram Ultra that everyone on here now loves.

But I'd run M1 0w30 AFE or a mix of M1 0w20 AFE and M1 0w40 or a mix of M1 5w20 EP and a M1 0w40.
Originally Posted By: radtech91
Originally Posted By: Recalculating
And how many miles do you plan to run this combination?

Whatever the MM says which ranges from 9,000-11000 miles

Regular M1 + M1 or PSL filter.
Sticking with your options, I would use M1 5w20 and the M1 filter. However, if it were my truck I would use M1 AFE 0w20 and the Fram Ultra 7317.
Pennzoil Platinum 5W20 with Fram Ultra XG7317 filter.

That filter is $8.75 or $7.44 with subscribe and save on Amazon right now.

I have a 2010 Honda product and I do 7.5K mile changes on synthetic and change the Fram Ultra oil filter every other (15K miles).
If I can find the Penn PurePlus or M1 EP/AFE in the 0W-20 I would get it. I'm almost done with the case of Amsoil 0W-20 that I got for a good deal off a friend. So I'm trying to get a new set up going.

So I guess the consensus is M1 EP Filter with M1 EP 0W-20....

I might just stick with the M1 EP filter or Bosch D+ which ever is on sale at Amazon at the time of my oil change. Both look like good filters.

Is the M1 EP 0W-20 at walmart? I know I had seen the AFE there before but not sure about the EP.
My little Honda and Subaru likes Valvoline VSP 0w20 and either the OE filter or the WIX57356 which has a base end bypass. The OE (uprated blue "FRAM") have a nice P-profile o-ring which is less prone to over or under torquing leaks.

over tens of thousands of miles Ive tried M1, PP, PU, QSUD and Idemitsu. I liked the Valvoline best for excellent cleanliness and lack of TCT sticking issues and excellent fuel mileage too. PP and QSUD EXHIBITED THE LEAST ENGINE RACKET.
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