Lion hunt gone wrong!!

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This is a phony canned hunt. If you look closely, this lion is in a fenced in field. You can see the fence posts and the farmhouse in the background. In the opening footage, the lion acts like it is almost tame, and probably is in certain respects, because the farmer has been feeding it until he could find some poor sap to pony up the bucks to shoot it. It looks like they pushed the lion into the fence and then shot it. It didn't have anywhere else to go so it charged them.
First off you shouldn't go spouting off about something you know nothing about!!! I have chatted with one of the shooters in that video(who is a guide)that frequent's a safari forum that I'm a member of. The lion was an aggressive lion that had been hanging around the owner's land and was killing his live stock so they decided to shoot it. No he wasn't baiting it nor was it completely fenced in, the fence you saw was one of the area's the land owner keep's his live stock in.

After the lion charges and tumbles look....nothing but open land behind the shooters, when you stalk a lion the majority of them don't run away after all they are lions and not many animals attack them.

For those people who do canned hunt's well there quite pathetic if you ask me.

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Sorry onequick, I didn't mean to get off on the wrong foot with my first post.

This video has been around for some time and circulated widely on the internet. It is certainly exciting, but like many things in cyber-space, it isn't all that it is represented to be. And, while I would never claim to be an expert on lion hunting, I do know a little bit about it. Over the last 30 years,I have actually hunted lions in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia.
If it was a danger it should have been professionally shot, not bought out to a trophy hunter.

I think the tragedy is the lion didn't take his head off. I have a problem with trophy hunting predators unless they're a direct threat to people, in which case, take them down cleanly.

A predator is not "aggressive" if it solely takes down livestock - that is a nuisance to humans.

And yes, I've been a hunter all my life. He should never have been behind a gun.
I have to agree with Coleslaw and Dark Horse on this one. I have been a Hunter my whole life as well. The first shot should have killed the lion. The Lion did turn and give a perfect shot opportunity but he didn't stop, to allow for good shot placement. There is NOTHING worse then a wounded animal.

The "Hunter's" get the Big Fat
Well first off if you are a hunter you will know that no matter how good of shot someone is there is alway room for murphy's law! The animal may turn at the last moment when your squeezing the trigger, the bullet may deflect off a bone. To say that a certain type of hunter will be able to make an absolute perfect shot and get perfect shot placement everytime well this just isn't gonna happen! I was on the USMC shooting team before I got out and have been shooting competition and hunting my whole life and have had a few bad shots!!

I am gonna try and get the pic of the lion it shows the bullet placemant was in the perfect spot and the first shooter was using a 375H7H mag. not exactly a small caliber.

As far as the first shot killing the lion well I was in Alaska about four years ago on a grizzly hunt and a buddy that I went up there with was lucky enough to take one aprox 850lb's. I watched as he shot it broad side 200 yards with a 416 mag. The placement was right on the money and the bear's legs went out from underneath him but two seconds later the bear was up and running until he hit him again! Lion's are the same way a very very tough animal espically when the adrenilin is going.

In my own opnion I really don't mind if people hunt lion's after all they are a predator that kill other animal's in a very cruel and painful way, but I just have really never had the urge to hunt one!
Never have hunted one, but the thing that this brings home once again to me is that african lion hunting is dangerous. Lion , buffulo, elephant, shoot them just right and they can still kill you. If that had only been a wounding shot first time, even though the lion was hit a second time at the last second it looks like that shooter would have been in the hospital or dead himself.
With the 375, I bet you anything he was using solids on this one, and they went clean through, makes me wonder if part of the result was do to bullet choice and something like a heavy skin partition would have been better.
You know reyjay1 that's a good point! I'm not sure what their bullet choice's were, if they were shooting soild's the bullet's were most likely passing straight through the lion as you suggested and not releasing all of the their energy!

I'll see if I can find out.
Well Simperfi
onequick99si. I must say you are correct in that perfect shot placement is not going to happen everytime. But you have to admit that if you were the one hunting a Lion something that can KILL and EAT you. That you would at least have been putting a second or third shot into it just the moment it stood up again. Even if it needed to be a Head Shot. If you watch the video again the slow motion part just as the Lion is going past the "hunter" you will see blood high on the Lions back. Of course that could be from the round the guide put in him as it went past his Rifle Barrel.

As you I did my time in the Military 12 years U.S Army. A few years back I shot my first Black Bear he was at about 35 yards when I took him down, with one shot from a Remington 223.

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When ever I see stuff like this I always route for the animal. "When animals attack"...I love that stuff, its always some idiot(or idiots, usually traveling in packs or heards) doing something that he really shouldnt be doing in the first place, and the animal fights back...its great! If only more people were injured or maimed. For example, "Running of the bulls", bull fights, elephant riding(like at a circus)...oh and you cant forget bull riding! Most are just begging for it, to have thier skull crushed or lung punctured.

But Id love to see more animals attacking hunters...just makes it more sporting, survival of the fittest...then it becomes self defense..."its comin' right for us!"
I bet that one guy had to replace his drawers after that swipe.

If it's a killer lion, or it's harming livestock--I say take it out.

We can only take the word of the original publishers of this piece that such was the case. But should we?

I believe I know from whence this film came, and it indeed comes from a demonstrated enemy of America (Saeed at ). If you haven't seen some of this character's rants in the politics section of that forum, you won't know what I'm talking about. (And if you've fallen for his "nice guy" image, you've been indisputably duped). I don't trust the guy one bit, and if that happened to be Saeed who got the paw swipe I say "good on him."

OK, this is supposed to be the humor board so here is an old one and timely for the northwest deer hunters: An exhausted doe staggers into a clearing, looks over her shoulder and says, "****, That's the last time I do that for two bucks"

As far as the lion video is concerned, just look at it like you would a used oil analysis report. The ** about this lion being a local livestock marauder starts to fall apart. This lion is in a field with what looks to be at least a 12 foot game fence. (Maybe he isn't really in there eating the locals cows??) At the outset of the video, the "hunters" with camera man and girlfriend/wife/whatever in tow walk up to it.(the lion doesn't seem overly concerned, but when they enter his comfort zone, he gets up, trots over to the fence and lays down, kind of like he is used to people, doesn't care much for them, likes to keep his distance, but isn't overly concerned because they usually leave something to eat) The farmer/professional hunter doesn't like the initial setup so they let the lion trot over to the fence and lay down before they do their thing. (Not the behavior or a rogue lion eating the local livestock or angry ranchers dealing with predator misbehavior) Only then things go wrong.

So, if you've watched a few too many Flipper/Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom/Gentle Ben or Walt Disney vignettes, you might be predisposed to believing a superficial explanation of this video (even if you might be a cyber ex-green beret/navy seal/expert marksman) but the video really tells a different story.

Post World Series, wasn't there a manager that said something like "the math is always right, but you have to prove it every time." Or something like that.
Ahhh ignorance is bliss! It's quite obvious your sole intentions here are to pi$$ people off, well you are not making me made I actually feel sorry for people like you!!

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This thread reminds me of the "bear lover" thread from about a year ago who advocated going up and hugging bears. He filmed himself "hugging" a bear, which said bear promptly feasted upon him on camera with him screaming. Love is a hurting thing.

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