Lincoln question

I'm helping someone find a vehicle to purchase. They are only considering either a used Lincoln MKX or a Nautilus and no other brands like Cadillac or Lexus. Any reason to consider one of these engines over another other than horsepower? Ecoboost 2.0 or 2.3 4 cylinder FWD or Ecoboost 2.7 AWD. I know the MKX had a 3.7 NA V6 which I've read about the water pump going and cratering the engine. Are the All wheel drive systems fragile? Would the 3.7 NA be any more reliable than the Ecoboost? Do the Ecoboost Engines have a different water pump[ design? Are the old 6 speed transmissions more robust than the new 8 speed transmission? I'm looking to guide them toward less hassle and good reliability.
I'd take an I4 over a V6 because a transverse V6 is impossible to work on. The 2.7 is a V6, so that's out.

So for the 2.0 and 2.3, get the one that is the best deal

Slacktide nailed it. Transverse V6 engines are almost always a nightmare to work on. If the drivetrain (transmission / awd system) are at all fragile the 2.3 would make less torque than the 2.7 and be "easier" on the components, assuming the 4 cylinders and 6 cylinders share any drivetrain components. I don't know much about the 2.0/2.3 as far as reliability goes. The 2.0 also had water pump problems, I think? Not sure if it's chain driven like the 3.7 though.
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My parents have a 2015 with the 2.3 and AWD. They have 100,000 miles and it’s been okay. The only major issue was the valve body in the trans had to be replaced at 55K. Other then that it’s been the annoying Ford issues like purge valve, auto fold mirrors not returning to correct position, front strut mount creaking while turning. Everything has been under warranty so at least it didn’t cost a ton of money.

No issues with the engine or the AWD.