Lift points?

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Sep 24, 2014
New Zealand
Hi everyone,

I do my own tyre rotations and have recently read that I SHOULDN'T be lifting the rear of the vehicle from the Rear axle as there is a risk of bending it. Is this true? I find that the axle is always the easiest and most straight forward place to lift the rear up. I also place the jack stands on the rear axle.. should these be somewhere else instead? (I've used this method and haven't dented/bent anything yet.
Is there not jacking instructions in the owners manual? On my pickup trucks I lift the front end by the frame, and rear end by the axle. I seat the jack as close to the leaf spring U-bolts as possible and I've never had a problem.
If you have a FWD car with solid-ish rear axle there is the danger of bending that fairly flimsy thing.

RWD axles are generally totally safe to jack under.
What kinda car?

Jacking info for other than tire-changing will be in the SHOP manual, not the OWNER manual.

Some FWD cars do indeed permit jacking by the car's solid rear axle. So what car is this?
Some fwd cars can be jacked from the rear "some" depends completely on the vehicle
Yaris 2006 Hatchback.
Manual says not to but I've done it on my Chevy Sonic just fine.
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Here is what the owners manual for a usdm 2006 yaris says

Probably best not to risk it then. Would jack stands be okay on the rear axle?
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Would jack stands be okay on the rear axle?


If the rear axle can't be used to raise the car safely, then it can't be used to support the car safely either.

In any case, you don't need to use the axle for anything. The automaker has provided other jack and stand points.
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