LeMay Car Museum!


For anyone in the PNW wondering if this is worth the trip, my answer would be an enthusiastic "yes"! There's so much there that almost hard to digest it all, and they only have a fraction of the entire collection there, something like 300 cars. I feel lame for not getting down there sooner, but the older I get the more I hate crowds, and I was waiting to have a chance to check it out during the week. There was ton of cool stuff there, the building is awesome and it was just a great experience all-around. As an honorable mention though, I have to throw a shout out to the Montana auto museum: http://www.pcmaf.org/wordpress/museums-2/montana-auto-museum/ The LeMay actually gave me an even better appreciation for this place, which I had a chance to see this summer. It is literally in middle of nowhere--I came across it driving out to nowhere....which makes it even more weird and amazing! I don't know why anyone would be near Dear Lodge, MT, but if you are, this is a must see.